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Below is a short response to this story, given by Jack Sirard (Business Editor at The Sacramento Bee), back in 1991...over thirty years ago.  Basically what the news media was saying back in 1991 was that they had no interest in pursuing the truth.  In 2023, most people see how true that is today with the corrupt news media.  


Frank, we have no interest in pursuing this story about a man, his truth and his pursuit for justice; Frank, we have no interest in pursuing this story about the largest civil lawsuit filed in Sacramento at the time against the biggest frauds in Sacramento; Frank, please try to understand this too-we get a lot of advertising dollars from the story you want us to pursue and when we saw that total amount of dollars involved we all peed our pants; our typewriters stopped working; we lost our sight and went completely blind to the truth and we all agreed to say:

His response was hoping my brother Jack and I would just go away...and here we are 30 years later...LOL  

The only time The Bee mentioned the name Charles Nordby was when they published his: 

This sums up the integrity of the news media.

Music:  Chariots of Fire


Charles Nordby's true story about how he saved Raley's from going bankrupt!


If you are an enemy to a simple truth, then you are also a hell of a friend to an elaborate lie. 
Frank S. Nordby

Had Nordby not gone to Sacramento, in the summer of 1973, to promote his security program and his grocery store expertise, Raley's chain of grocery stores would have gone bankrupt! 



Charles Nordby was born August 8, 1924, and passed away May 29, 1996.  This web site will mostly be used  to tell his story about Raley's Supermarkets located in Sacramento, CA.  There will be MANY additional pages included featuring others who also need to be exposed. Some of the information found on this site will feature immature people, and sadly to say it will come across immature.  

Nordby was a man of integrity and a man of his word.  In 1973, he turned around the Raley's company that was certainly headed towards bankruptcy and made them very profitable and successful.  In 1976, he quit Raley's because the three (3) men whom hired him in 1973 reneged on their promises concerning monetary bonuses.  

In 1989, Raley's decided it was time to lie to all of its employees and so they wrote a  history book  to publicly boast about their success.  Raley's willfully and knowingly fabricated a success story in their history book that in actuality covered up the truth about Nordby and his profit increasing program that he implemented at Raley's in 1973. A profit increasing program that turned around the struggling Raley's company.
Raley's story of their success written within their history book, when looked at realistically, just didn't add up. Just like Raley's many supplier invoices, in 1973, didn't add up when Nordby discovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in dishonest over-charges.  In 1973, hundreds of thousands of dollars was a lot of money.

Most importantly though is how and the hell did Raley's forget to mention Charles Nordby in their history book? Click on text image to read info about Eagle Thrifty. Raley's was trying to mislead public by stating they paid cash for this chain of stores.
Click on the text image above to read one half of a newspaper article about Eagle Thrifty-the big Nevada scam!

It would have been better for privately owned Raley's to have kept its mouth of deceit closed for eternity than it was for privately owned Raley's to willfully open their mouth of deceit in 1989 and boast about their (delusional) facts of their success when publishing their history book. 

Raley's gave the impression to their employees and the public that it required hallucinogenic drugs to be taken, by some of those highly positioned at Raley's, in order for them to have completed this far-fetched history book.  Check out this one statement below, within the red box, that Raley's made on page 63 that clearly made no sense at all and how could Collings, Teel and Joyce allow this absurdity to be shared with all of their employees?  On a sidenote is another absurdity that Collings was chosen by the Sacramento Churches to be the Chairperson to the Billy Graham crusade...

However, it was this "blundering"  dishonest act by Raley's, in 1989, to lie to all of their employees about their success that eventually opened up the doors to the infallible truth about Nordby, to be resurrected, and expose Raley's for their long history of pushing their lies, stupidity, and deceit within the community.  And without Nordby, Raley's doesn't have a fraudulent history book being written in 1989, because their history would have ended in 1974.

box text

box text

In 1992, after  realizing the story in Raley's history book seemed kind of fishy and farfetched,  Nordby  wrote a  book  too titled "Raley's Exposed, Who On Earth Saved Raley's?" refuting Raley's deceitful history book.  He wanted to publicly state (without boasting) that it was he who quietly came to Sacramento in 1973, with many years of grocery store experience, and turned Tom Raley's supermarket chain around during a time when "TP Raley's" stores were filthy, thieve ridden and were totally mismanaged from the President of Raley's, on down to everybody at store level.  

His book exposed this company for what they had done to him back during the years of 1973-1976.  How could a man who had stopped so much theft going on at all the Raley's stores for three (3) years, end up being cheated so much by the same people who hired him?  

All that Nordby did for Raley's during the years 1973-1976 eventually paved the way for a number of dishonest individuals in the Sacramento community to become who they are today. Regardless of how these individuals may have given the Sacramento community 
an image they were honest and respectable, they were still the dishonest people who cheated Nordby in the '70s. 

Knowing these dishonest people still had enough deceit dwelling within all of them, they decided to slap Nordby in the face again inside their company's history book by taking the credit for Nordby's dedication and for Nordby's hard work during those three (3) critical years that made it possible for Raley's to survive their financial woes of the early '70s.

I guess Mr. Nordby shouldn't have expected anything more from one of these individuals knowing that this person claimed to be a "Christian" and that "his word was his bond!"

Collings (aka christian and my word is my bond), was even able to top his slapping Nordby in the face with his deceit by encouraging his religious friends in Sacramento, to slap Nordby in the face too, by calling him a liar and a slanderer.  And they all did this after Nordby came forward to share his success story. 

Religious people who hadn't even met Nordby before...unless they just happened to be one of the nearly 9000 shoplifters Mr. Nordby had apprehended in his 45-year career.  And that was nearly 9000 shoplifters without losing one court case and without one false arrest suit.      

Mr. Nordby's story, in 1992, also embarrassed the local news media and the entire business community after it became known how Raley's became successful.  Nordby also showed The Sacramento Bee newspaper that they had "no" good ethics at all and that The Bee's number one reason for publishing a newspaper was just to "make a buck" through advertising...unless it was Nordby's buck he wanted to use to advertise his success story and The Bee wasn't going to allow his bucks to expose the big lie going on in Northern California.  

The entire Sacramento community for many years had believed this big lieWhat big lie? The Tom Raley lie.  Why would anybody want to believe in this big lie?  Because today it represents a lot of money to those who don't want to believe in the truth and close their eyes to it.

     Click on this image to view the ad that the Bee refused to accept.
Click on the text image above to view the ad The Bee refused to accept.  

It was easier for The Bee to continue to protect Raley's in their lies than it was for The Bee to boldly pursue the truth concerning a most fascinating story about how one honest man showed where an entire organization filled with dishonesty was bankrupting a local supermarket chain.

It was only this man with his unusual talents in the grocery business who was able to bring all of this disonesty to a halt and bring professionalism back to an entire business operation.  A business operation that, before Mr. Nordby came aboard, was totally mismanaged and should have gone bankrpt.

The Sacramento Bee newspaper likes to claim that "the public has the right to know the truth," and that fact is only true when its news is covering murder stories, rape stories or any other typical political corruption story-which are every day occurrences in our society.  However, this newspaper's pursuit for the truth becomes very blinded and shortsighted when it is focused on its personal (criminal) friends providing them advertising dollars.    

What was the name of the 'one' supermarket chain who didn't withhold their advertising dollars from the Daily?

The Bee can claim blindness as a defense to Nordby's story because they can't see past Raley's advertising dollars.  However, The Bee can not claim ignorance to Nordby's story because The Bee has been aware of the facts since March of 1991.  That was the month and the year The Bee was informed of its errors concerning what they had published about Raley's success in its newspaper. 

And since then The Bee has been hiding behind the advertising dollars that Raley's obtained over the many years of being fraudulent beneficiaries of Nordby's profit increasing program.  The Bee sadly lowered themselves even further when they assisted Raley's in making sure that the public never hears this story.  Today is the day that this web site informs Raley's and The Bee that you can't silence the truth

The news media that could have told this story professionally have chosen to remain silent and ignore its responsibility to tell the public the truth.  Because of the silence, this story has been forced to be told in a way that demeans good journalism.

The teams made an agreement that no team employ Bonds to play baseball. It is as simple as that.  No news media spoke about Charles Nordby because it was a huge embarrassment to Sacramento that Tom Raley wasn't the big business hero that Raley's made him out to be. It is as simple as that! Image source:  Yahoo news
Image source:Yahoo news.

There is more information about The Sacramento Bee newspaper located in the "News Media" page.  Also featured on this media menu are the names "Melanie Sill," and "Cheryl Dell."  You will want to read an informational flyer sent to their neighbors' residences. 

At the moment, there are mutiple audios to hear on this site.  An audio of Charles Nordby telling his story about Raley's (recorded back in early 1996), can be heard by going to the page "Raley's History Book" at the top of the menu below the 
"Welcome/Dedicaton" selection. In fact, this audio of Nordby can be heard on a number of other pages.   An audio of Dateline NBC (recorded late 1996) indicating that they wanted to tell this story, can be heard by clicking on "Dateline NBC"- a sub page of the News Media page at the top of the  menu. An audio of a preacher named Glen Cole (recorded October of 1998) telling his story about a purse snatcher he chased down a dark street in Washington, can be heard by clicking on "The Church" at the top of the menu.  

Raley's spokeswoman Beverly Hardesty can be heard  (Beverly Hardesty page) basically calling Charles Nordby a disgruntle ex-Raley employee who lied in the book that he wrote about Raley's and that his book wasn't worth buying.  Hardesty publicly states in this 1992 audio that Nordby only worked for Raley's for one (1) year in 1974 and that she had been totally misquoted in his Raley's book. This page will show you her quote from Raley's history book and also show you exactly how Nordby quoted her in his book-is this woman on drugs? You will also get the impression that Beverly has been coached by Collings concerning what to say about an order form for Nordby's book that was being distributed locally in Sacramento.   

In addition to the audios, there are a number of PDF files with sound that can be accessed.  These PDF files were created using adobe acrobat 6.0 Professional-so you may need to download a more current acrobat reader. "A PDF file is a method for distributing formatted documents over the Internet. You need a special reader program called Acrobat and most current computer operating systems have it, but if your computer doesn't have the program and can't open a "PDF" file then you can get the Acrobat Reader at" Source:

PDF file can be found on the "Raley's Sales Increases" page (a sub page of Raley's), that shows Raley's incredible sales increases for the years 1978 to 1984.  What caused their sales to increase during this time period?

PDF file can also be found on the "UFCW 588" page (a sub page of Raley's), that shows UFCW 588's LM-2 statements filed with the U.S. Dept. of Labor. This report reveals how much money the union president paid himself, his family and his friends who operate this union. Raley's and this union have had a very cozy relationship over the years.  Another UFCW PDF file is also featured on this page that will give proof of UFCW corruption when it comes to their member representation in grievance arbitrations.  UFCW 588 recently merged with other local UFCW unions and has been changed to UFCW 8. One additional note:  The US Department of Labor is just another corrupt entity in our government as it allows corrupt unions like UFCW 588 to continue on cheating their members.


PDF file can also be accessed from the "1973 YEARS OF HARD WORK" page (a sub page of Raley's page).  This PDF file highlights Raley's Superstories magazine giving thanks to Raley's employees for their years of service .  Raley's used a photo of Frank McMinn for this article.  Raley's didn't know at the time of their magazine article that Charles Nordby also had a copy of this same photo.  Raley's had to cut Nordby out this photo to use in their company magazine Whoever counted up the total Raley's years of service for Raley's magazine amazingly came up with  the number "1973."  How convenient for our story being that "1973" was the year Raley's was blessed with Nordby's "EXPERT" services and became successful.

There are many other PDF files that can be found on this web site too.

There are also a few music files attached to some of the other pages.  Just to name a few, the song "Take me out to the ball park" is attached to the Raley Field page- a sub page of the Raley's page.  The theme music to the "Mission Impossible" movie is attached to the Media Links page-a sub page of News Media page.  The "Batman" song is attached to The Sacramento Union newspaper page-a sub page of the News Media page. The song "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas,  is attached to the Joyce Raley Teel page (a sub page of the Raley's page).  The theme song to the movie "Chariots of fire" is the song featured on this page.  Note:  Chariots of Fire-Vangelis; Eve of Destruction-Barry McGuire; Still the Same-Bob Seger; The Boxer, Sound of Silence-Simon & Garfunkle; Singalong Junk-Paul McCartney; Cows with Guns; and a number of other songs are tied into pages for their theme connection.

Image source: Netidnow website builderImage source: Netidnow website builderImage source: Netidnow website builderImage source: Netidnow website builder

If you have dial up connection, there may be a delay because downloading sound is a large file and takes longer to download.  DSL-Broadband users should be able to access everything sooner.

Contact Raley's at  E-mail them.  Ask them this question:  Did you build your entire success by defrauding an honest man with nine (9) children?  They haven't been honest for decades, so don't expect an honest answer from them today!  Contact the Bee newspaper at and ask them "what the hell is going on at the Bee, can't you print the truth about the crimes committed by your personal friends?"  Wait! Stop the presses!  Don't bother Raley's or the Bee newspaper with these questions, this web site will provide you with the answers!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this web site.  Repeated from the top of this page: Regardless of any absurdity that may be seen on any particular page linked to this web site, there is one predominant message that clearly pervades, and that is: When you have the truth, you can do anything you want with it.  Especially while running the 7 & 1/2 miles San Francisco Bay to Breakers Race, through all of the crowded streets that are over-flowing with a wave of people wearing their running shoes, who swiftly carries you from San Francisco's tallest buildings to San Francisco's steepest hills that leads you all the way to the "windy" sandy coast of the Pacific Ocean, where you can stop and catch your breath and come to realize for the very first time what it really means to be "bold" in this life.  Wow, I need to catch my breath after that long sentence...

In remembrance to Charles Nordby, this web site focuses on the last page to Charles Nordby's book titled "Raley's Exposed!  Who On Earth Saved Raley's?" 

This website was created many years ago.  There are a lot of pages that I no longer have available for public view. Maybe in time, I will make them available.  However, because there needs to be so much editing done to many of these pages, such as gramar, etc., I will just keep them unavailable.  Plus, a lot of the pages are lacking creativity... 

                                                                                         To read the last page click below.


The man they didn't remember has become the man they will never forget!

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