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Thursday, August 05 2010
Above is the neighborhood I lived in during this incidence. 
Could I have prevented a mass killing in my neighborhood back in 1975?  Here is the story:
I was living in Boise, Idaho, working for a chain of grocery stores called Albertsons'.  I lived in a small house I was renting on a quiet residential street called Wheeler Street.  In fact, this is where I found myself entrenched in a serious medical condition called anorexia nervosa.  I also was very visible in my neighborhood because I could usually be seen running. 

There was an elderly lady who lived across the street from me who once told me while standing in her yard "enjoy it why you are young," as she saw me finishing one of my runs one morning.  She was referring to my ability to run because she knew once somebody gets to her age running will be a lot more difficult to enjoy.
I usually commuted to work by walking because I only lived a couple of miles from work.  I had just gotten off work from Albertsons', around 5 pm, and was walking home.  As I headed towards Wheeler St., I noticed a young man in the corner of my eye with his shirt open, walking on the other side of the street, and he was drinking from a bottle that looked like beer.  I was hoping I wouldn't draw attention to him because I really didn't want to find myself being noticed by a person publicly drinking beer and looking somewhat suspicious because of it.
As I progressed down the street I then noticed he was now  making his way across the street directing himself towards me.  As he arrived on my side of the street he quickly made conversation with me.  He was friendly, said hello, introduced himself to me and also stated to me that he had seen me run in the neighborhood many times before and thought I was a good runner.

He indicated that he was an ex-marine and that he too wanted to get into running so he could be in good physical shape. While he was saying all of this to me I was wondering to myself whereabouts he lived knowing that he had seen me run. 
Because he continued to publicly drink from his beer while walking next to me I still remained leery of him.  He told me he had seen me many times before because his family lived next store to me on Wheeler St.  I knew who he was referring to but didn't know the people because I was single and this was a family household so we all kept to our own privacy.

What he did next nearly shocked me out of my pants.  He quickly pulled a gun out from under his pants and I thought he was going to shoot me right there on the spot.  I didn't know what he was thinking and it was startling to realize just how vulnerable I was and then he quickly told me not to worry.  But what he said to me next nearly had the hair on my back stand-up - and I don't have any hair on my back! 
He told me his ex-wife lived in the house next to me and was planning on going over there to shoot her and her family.  He stated she had taken him for everything he had in the divorce and it appeared by what he was saying he wanted to kill them all.  Now realizing I could relax about him shooting me I quickly tried to intervene in his thoughts by consoling him.

He seemed to be responsive to my approach and was even willing to go with me to a pizza restaurant so we could spend more time talking about this. 
My goal was to get him to this pizza place so I could make a call to the police and prevent this guy from fulfilling his mission on this evening.  As we were walking towards this pizza restaurant I noticed we had passed the Wheeler St turn-off by a couple of streets and so my plan was going as expected and felt relieved to some point.
Then the young man said something to me that really blew me away and I will quote what he said: "Did you hear about the man recently who escaped from prison?"  When he said that to me, I immediately remembered about the prison escape that was reported in the news and I freaked out thinking it was him.

I immediately turned around at that moment and started running in the opposite direction back towards my neighborhood.  My mind was racing so much that I thought he would shoot me in the back as I ran from him.  All I could hear was him screaming at me "It wasn't me," trying to make it known to me that it wasn't him who escaped from prison.  I was no longer in the mood for pizza and only wanted to execute a different plan of action.
I could no take any chances with a man carrying a gun.  I ran up to homes along the street banging on doors.  Finally, the second homeowner opened his door and listened to what I had to say about this situation and he called the police. 
Evidently, some neighbors had earlier spotted this man with a gun but wasn't sure what was happening.  the police came to this homeowner's house and I explained the situation to them and warned the police of this man's intentions.

The police immediately went to the home next to mine on Wheeler St. and found the man inside of that house.  Luckily, this man's ex-wife and her family were not home at the time so they were not in harms way.  The police couldn't arrest the man for being inside the home because there was nobody around to say he was trespassing.  They were still trying to figure out what the man did with his gun. 
I then decided it was now a police matter and got myself back over to my small house next door and locked my doors.  I was just happy I wasn't shot or the people next to me weren't going to be shot. The next day, I was approached by the man's ex-wife and she explained more in detail of what was going on and thanked me for assisting the police.  She also asked if I would sign an affidavit for her to use at court of what happened in which I eventually did.    
Was a mass killing prevented on this early evening walk home from my work?   Well, all I know is that if I hadn't made contact with this man on this particular evening, he would have shown up at his ex-wife's family home, next to the home I lived in, with a loaded gun, found it empty and waited for this family to come home later that evening.  When I met him on the street, he was fueling up with beer and resentments and seemed bent on evening the score.
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Tuesday, July 20 2010

Above talks about a woman who quit a government position over a story from her past.  Below represents a story from my past.  Also, I never shared this story with anybody until an African American woman falsely accused me of using the word "nigger" to her.

Back in 1972, I was living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I belonged to a Christian fellowship.  One of the things members did at this church was visit the sick and dying at hospitals. 

Wanting to be a good Christian I started visiting this woman at the University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  She was an elderly woman and it turned out this woman had been a nurse for most of her life. 

Evenings, whenever I could, I would show up in her hospital room so I could hold her hand, pray for her and let her know somebody was visiting her.  She never opened her eyes and she had all sorts of life support apparatus hooked up to her body. It was sad seeing her in this condition. 

She was dying from Leukemia and I wasn't sure how long she would have to live.  One evening I showed up at her hospital room and discovered that she was no longer there.  I went to a nurse and asked her where "Catherine Drake" was?  The nurse in a very uncaring voice said to me "she is probably at the morgue."  I really didn't like the response this nurse gave to me and I left the hospital feeling real sad.

I then decided I would find out where this woman's funeral services would be held and planned on attending to show my respect for this woman.  A woman who had given her entire life to helping sick people. 

 On the day of her service, I took the last few dollars I had and purchased some inexpensive flowers that I would take with me to give to the church in my appreciation for Ms. Drake. 

I also decided that I would write something down on a piece of paper that I felt would be appropriate for the family and friends of Ms. Drake. 

The church service was being held a few miles from where I lived and not having any transportation other than my feet, I started the journey of my life not knowing that a day for celebrating Catherine Drake's life would turn out to be a life long meaningful memory for me.

When I arrived at the church there was a pastor standing at the entrance welcoming those who wanted to show their respect for Ms. Drake.  I handed the pastor my flowers and I also handed the pastor the paper that I had written a special message on for Ms. Drake. 

I entered the church and sat down somewhere in the middle of this large group of people.  Nobody in that room knew who I was and I didn't know anybody there.  I had never met the family at the hospital so I was a stranger to everyone. 

The pastor started the service and then the tears started falling and crying could be heard throughout this building.  Half way through his service he points to the flowers that a young man had given to him (my flowers) at the entrance of the church and then he mentions the note that this same young man had placed into his hands. 

The pastor starts reading to this entire congregation of family and friends the words that I had written on this small piece of paper that I never considered would ever be read out loud.  Then tears starting running down the side of my face as I listened to the pastor tell the wonderful story about Catherine Drake's life. 

As I left this service on that day I couldn't help think that nobody there cared that I was a white guy. In fact, at the time, I didn't remember seeing any other white people there. You see, Catherine Drake was an African American woman.

Maybe this is why the pastor of this church was so impressed with my simple flowers and my message for Ms. Drake.  A message that contained only 34 words.

I have never forgotten the 34 words I wrote for Ms. Drake over 38 years ago. All of this happening to a young man not yet 21-years-old.

I didn't sign my name to the note that I wrote for Ms. Drake for her service. When I walked away from the church that day not one person, including the family and her friends knew who wrote the beautiful words and who provided the inexpensive flowers the pastor used in his eulogy. 

My story didn't make the headlines of any newspaper on the following day and it will never make the history books.  However, it will forever be in my heart. 

Below are the words I wrote and were used in Ms. Drake's eulogy:

"God loved Catherine Drake so much,

and we all loved Catherine Drake so much,

that we all wanted the best for Catherine.

And the best for Catherine is with God,

the Kingdom of Heaven."


Catherine Drake never knew me, and yet, my hands were holding hers while she laid dying in a hospital-and it is very possible my hands were the last hands to hold her hands while she was still alive. 

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Monday, March 22 2010

Here is latest on Mike Teel's "The Good Eats" restaurant. Below he even opens his first restaurant on Folsom Blvd, the Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant was closed.  Does this surprise anybody?  Teel's buddies as The Sacramento Bee have yet to report this closing.  I wonder why? 

Shortly before this article was publishes, Teel's new wife is seen as the new CEO of this Arizona Corporation.  What a joke....

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Friday, March 19 2010

It is amazing that there is so much debate going on in America concerning health care reform.  Too bad this kind of public outcry for support or opposition to this reform didn't exist for the Iraq war.  Think of the total cost this war has brought to America along with the thousands of American lives lost fighting this war.  And, think about the thousands of lost lives of innocent Iraqi people- plus how their country has been devastated by this conflict.  For what?  Over delusions of weapons of mass destruction?  Or because some leader there wanted to kill George Bush's father? I don't know.

If this cause didn't affect them personally, they would all be home watching American Idol.

Here is what I do know:  The American people are showing exactly what they are made of-selfishness!  Only when something that can personally affect them, an individual American. do they get involved and voice their opinion. The Iraq war doesn't affect most Americans because they aren't in Iraq fighting this war, so there isn't a need to scream like they are today in their liking or disliking for health care reform.

However, there is good news if health care reform does take place:  The insurance industry and the rich will surely be affected most by these new health care changes...I guess rich people like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck will be required to help pay for this new health care.  Oh, too bad.

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Tuesday, March 09 2010

Do Hollywood actors get you all excited?  Do you believe that these people are really that special as they seem to think they are?  Does standing in front of a movie camera for a living make somebody worthy of idolatry?

I haven't paid to see a motion picture at the movie-house in a long, long time.  I don't like supporting them or their outrageously expensive lifestyle. 

Anyway, how about paying a sport athlete money for their autograph?  Below is a news article I found on Yahoo news featuring a college football player being paid for his autograph.  Who is this guy?  Is he special or something? 

He is just a fricken football player and people are paying this guy money for his autograph. 

This is the same guy who finds football games a nifty place to shed his tears as seen below on a youtube video:

Here is what John 16:33 says "I have told you these things, that in me you may have peace. In the world you have oppression; but cheer up! I have overcome the world." I guess playing football is such a stress on some people that they need to place bible scriptures below their eyes like this guy.

I don't believe Jesus would think this guy knows how to bear his cross.  Hey, it's all about him and not Jesus.  If it was about Jesus, this guy wouldn't think about selling his dumb autograph for a profit.

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Sunday, March 07 2010

OK-he was arrested for DUI after leaving a gay bar.  Hey, if you were exposed to Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest of California's elected officials for any length of time, you too might find yourself driving drunk after leaving a Sacramento gay bar. 

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Tuesday, February 16 2010

It appears a reporter for the New York Times may have been plagiarizing others writings.  I guess this type of dishonesty is important to the New York Times but isn't important to the members of the Bayside Church of Roseville/Granite Bay as seen on Ray Johnston's page.  Click on the image below to read the Associated Press NY Times story:

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Friday, February 05 2010

When I was young, my mother was very verbal in her dissatisfaction with me watching "The 3 Stooges" on TV.  She thought these guys were so stupid and such bad influences on people.  Me, I thought they were so funny.  Being nearly 60-years old, I am starting to believe my mother was right.  The 3 Stooges were bad influences on many people.  Just look at those who are elected into pubic positions.  I mean public positions. 

The voters in America put into public office some of the stupidest people that in many ways make the 3 stooges look somewhat smart.  For instance, take the Governor of California .  He signs a bill that makes it illegal to talk on cell phones while driving because it distracts drivers-which can cause car accidents.  I personally believe talking on cell-phones and car accidents do go hand-in-hand.

Now look at what the Gov is planning on doing to bring in extra revenues.  Knowing that drivers aren't going to be distracted talking on their cell phones because it is illegal, he now wants to distract drivers by selling advertisement space on the freeways. Drivers will now use their cell-phones to contact freeway advertisers while driving their SUV's into freeway mediums.

Moe, Larry and Curly would soitenly call this a stupid idea. 

Source:  Sacramento Bee




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Saturday, January 30 2010
In the winter of 1972, some 38 years ago,  I found myself hitchhiking through the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had no money, food, shelter or even a place to lay my head. In fact, I had no idea why I was there. I was cold and entered a small mom & pop store on a corner street and asked the young female clerk if I could sweep the front of her store for a loaf of bread and milk. 
I was dirty and must have looked so terrible to this young woman.  She told me that this store belonged to her father and that she couldn't give me anything in the store because it all belonged to him. However, she told me she was getting off work real soon and that I could go with her to her place and enjoy a meal, take a bath and listen to her boyfriend play the guitar. 
I told her OK and when she got off work she drove me to her place.  I took a hot bath, had a hot meal and was able to spend the warm night there with her and her boyfriend. I felt so serene that it didn't take long before I had fallen asleep from the sound of her boyfriend quietly playing his guitar. Not only was I blessed by God but also blessed by these two young people who didn't look at me with disgust and saw me as a human being in need.
The next morning, she provided me a hot breakfast and then she and her college girlfriends were kind enough to drive me to a good place for me to hitchhike down south towards highway 80. 
To this day I don't even know the name of that young woman who trusted me, fed me, provided me a bath and a warm place to stay for that one special night in a place I surely didn't belong.  This could arguably be the greatest single human experience I ever had in my life.
I wonder how the future was for her life and if she even remembered the young man she assisted on that cold winter night when all he was looking for was something simple to eat and she unselfishly provided him a lifetime memory of thanksgiving? 
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Saturday, January 30 2010

Isn't it though?  This is the most mismanaged world a person could ever conceive of.  And what really makes it depressing is the fact it has become a "me" world.  It seems like most people are trying to do something that makes them the news of the day. 

Go to the websites of the top churches in America and see for yourself that the pastor of the church is being highlighted more than Jesus.  They are selling everything from books they have written to anything else that can make a buck.  Check out Joel Osteen.  This guy is nothing more, in my opinion, than a person out to make his name known than Jesus.  He and his wife have their own websites in addition to the website at the church they belong to. 

Pastors all over America are living a lavish livestyle because church members have made them appear like they are something special and should live like kings.  Hello-I don't believe Jesus preached this. It has become just a big scam in America. 

The only difference between church pastors and union leaders is the fact that pastors pray and quote from the Bible. I believe that most pastors get involved in preaching because they learn early that having others pay for their lifestyle, without really working, is not too bad of an idea after-all.


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Saturday, January 16 2010

On January 13, 2010, Pastor Ray Johnston of the Roseville Bayside Church, was caught plagiarizing a letter a church pastor by the name Rick Warren wrote back on December 30, 2009 to the members of the Saddleback Church.  There is absolutely no excuse for Johnston doing this kind of dishonest act. 

 I guess it doesn't matter how a pastor gets the members money as long as he gets the money!

Click on the image below to read Ray Johnston's letter and Rick Warren's letter. 

Click on this image and determine for yourself if Ray Johnston would be good selling used-cars.

Below are the comparisons of the two letters compiled by Jack Nordby:

Dear Bayside Church,

It has been brought to my attention that Pastor Ray Johnston has crossed an ethical line
when it comes to biblical principles in his recent email letter to the Bayside Church Family.
Was Ray inspired by the Holy Spirit when writing to his "Bayside Family" in his plea for $250,000
or was he inspired by the success of Rick Warren's recent letter to the Saddleback Church?

His letter plagiarizes the letter of Rick Warren from Saddleback Church.
To plagiarize according to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is to:
                    steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own 

Compare the following statements made in both letters.
Rick Warren's newsletter dated December 30th, 2009 is in blue text.
Ray Johnston's email to Bayside members dated January 12, 2010 is in green text.

Rick Warren writes this on 12/30/09:
This is an urgent letter unlike any I've written in 30 years.

Ray Johnston writes this on 01/12/10:

I don't send letters like this without a lot of thought. In fact, this is the only email like this I've sent in my 15 years as your pastor.
Not much thought but perhaps a lot of copying and pasting.

Rick Warren writes this on 12/30/09:
Please read all of it and get back to me in the next 48 hours.

Ray Johnston writes this on 01/12/10:

Please read all of it and respond as quickly as you can.

Rick Warren writes this on 12/30/09:
I have thrilling news to share with you below but first some seriously bad news:

Ray Johnston writes this on 01/12/10:

I have stunningly good news to share with you, but first, here is my concern.

Rick Warren writes this on 12/30/09:
Please read this end-of-the-year review and then take one of the 3 actions below.

Ray Johnston writes this on 01/12/10:
Please read this end-of-the-year review and then take one of the 3 actions below.

Rick Warren writes this on 12/30/09:
I can only hit the highlights (maybe 5%) of how your church has served our community this year:

Ray Johnston writes this on 01/12/10:

I can only hit the highlights (maybe 5%) of how our church has served our community this year:

Rick Warren then writes all about what the church's ministries have been doing.
Ray Johnston then writes all about what the church's ministries have been doing.

Rick Warren writes this on 12/30/09:

Ray Johnston writes this on 01/12/10:


Rick Warren writes this on 12/30/09:
     1. Click HERE right now to and give as large an end-of-the-year gift as you can to help
     avert this crisis. If we all do what God leads us to do, we'll all be a part of a miracle.
     2. Mail in your gift today. Gifts must be postmarked in 2009 to be posted as 2009 gifts for
     tax purposes. Mail to: 1 Saddleback Parkway, Lake Forest, CA 92630.
     3. Drop your gift in the box at the front door of the Ministry Center at 1 Saddleback
     Parkway so you know for certain we get it TODAY or Thursday.

Ray Johnston writes this on 01/12/10:

  1. Click HERE right now to give as large of a one-time gift as you can. Direct your giving to “Tithes.”                                                   If we all do what God leads us to do, we can be a part of something amazing
  2. Mail in your gift today.
    Bayside Church
    P.O. Box 2336
    Granite Bay, CA  95746
  3. Drop your check off at the church offices this week.
    8211 Sierra College Blvd. Suite 440
    Roseville, CA 95661

Rick Warren writes this on 12/30/09:
Saddleback is the most generous church family I know. You have always comes through when asked.

Ray Johnston writes this on 01/12/10:

I've said it before, are the most generous church on the face of the planet! You always come through.

The pastor said he planned to talk about what he called his church's "radical generosity" in the rest
of the weekend's sermons. Quote from The Huffington Post Dated 01/03/10

Ray Johnston writes this on 01/12/10:
It's about God's call to Radical Generosity in every area of our lives. You don't want to miss it.

This email is not sent to shake your faith because we all know that our faith is in Jesus Christ.
It is sent to question the inspiration and motivation of Ray Johnston. Is he being inspired by God
or is he just trying to introduce unscriptural financial practices at Bayside?
Rick Warren's plea was for $900,000. They got $2.4 million instead.
Ray Johnston's plea is for $250,000, is he hoping for over $1 million dollars?
I do not see anything in scripture that closely resembles these pleas.

What "in the world" was Ray thinking when he decided to do this to the Bayside family? With these kind
of unscrupulous practices, Bayside's finances should be held under a microscope and examined with a
fine tooth comb.
What should Ray Johnston do? Ray should publicly apologize to the membership.
He should apologize to Rick Warren for plagiarizing his letter. Then he should resign. 

He sent out a follow up email concerning the disaster in Haiti. If he gives 10% to disaster relief there,
then he will still be short of his $250,000 goal. If you want to help Haiti, give directly to World Vision.

To see both letters from Warren and Johnston click the link below.



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Monday, January 11 2010

The Bee keeps cutting jobs.  I am surprised The Bee can sell even one newspaper.

I recently posted nine comments on an article The Bee regularly runs called "On the move"  as a way to prove a point.  When you open up this PDF file you will see that when my screen name "Fur" account is open I can see the nine comments I have posted.  However, when my "Fur' account is signed out, then all of my comments are now invisible.  Nobody's computer will have these comments visible for them to read.  Just another way for The Sacramento Bee to show how deceitful they are.  

Now anybody reading this Bee "on the move" page will not see any comments posted by "Fur."  All nine comments were posted by "Fur."

See where it shows (9) comments.  Well click on this image and see where nobody will see any of these comments because they have been hidden by The Bee.

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