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Wednesday, October 16 2019

Here is another postcard I sent to the corrupt FBI...this one for James Conman Comey:

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Monday, October 14 2019

Below is a postcard I sent to the FBI.  I hope the FBI appreciates my comment.

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Tuesday, October 01 2019

What is the reason for their treason?  They hated Donald Trump and hated losing power...Below is my pretty postcardto Corrupt Congressman Adam Schiff...subliminal message embedded in this postcard: 

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Monday, September 16 2019

Raley Field in West Sacramento is losing the name "Raley"...It will be called Sutter Health Park at the conclusion of the 2019 season...I think sales have dropped off so much at Raley's stores that they are cutting back on some their premium expenses.  Below is a postcard I sent to Mike Teel.  

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Friday, August 09 2019

Below is a postcard I just sent to Jerry this guy for real?

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Sunday, August 04 2019

Second verse, same as the first:

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Monday, July 29 2019

Omar needs to go to the giant Redwoods of Northern California so she can find out if she can "see the forest for the trees."
How could she if Omar doesn't have an ounce of common sense or a speck of rationality?

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Thursday, July 25 2019

Here is a postcard I just sent to CA Senator Kalama Harris....

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Tuesday, June 04 2019

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Wednesday, May 29 2019

Below I a postcard I sent to AG Bill Barr.  My dad would be just horrified with what is going on at the DOJ, FBI, Congress, etc.  America is dying.

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Saturday, March 23 2019

This postcard to Barr I sent on March 21, 2019

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Monday, March 11 2019

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Tuesday, February 26 2019

Below is my postcard sent to Raley's stating that there has been 45 years of "fishy-ness"
going on at Raley's...This is an actual ad Raley's ran 45 years ago today.  Fishy, fishy, fishy.

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Wednesday, February 20 2019

Below is my comment to the DOJ

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Monday, February 18 2019

Below is my new postcard to Attorney General William Barr:

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Wednesday, February 06 2019

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Sunday, January 13 2019

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Monday, November 12 2018


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Thursday, November 01 2018

Below is a postcard I recently sent to Raley's and a number of other individuals celebrating the 45-year-anniversary of the fraud that took place in Nevada back in July of 1973.  This postcard somewhat explains the fraud that occurred in Nevada.  This is where Chuck Collings and Jim Teel were taking cash out of a supermarket chain that was headed towards bankruptcy.  The only reason they didn't let this chain of stores go bankrupt is because of Charles Nordby's successful profit increasing program that he was establishing into the California stores during this time.  In fact, Nordby has stated Collings and Teel never even told him of these stores in Nevada when Raley's hired him at this same time to troubleshoot the CA Raley's stores.  It's also possible that Collings and Teel only hired Nordby as to be a potential scapegoat for when the Raley's stores in CA went it is also my contention that inexperienced Collings was only made president of Raley's so Tom Raley would have a convenient scapegoat for when Raley's went bankrupt.  

One of the addressees postcard was undeliverable:

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Friday, June 15 2018

Our government is controlled by corrupt weasels.  Below is a postcard I sent to the bogus DOJ and I sent it earlier than the June 18 date:

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Friday, June 15 2018

Below is a postcard I sent to the FBI and once again using my The Sting message.  It is dated June 18 but mailed it already.

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Friday, June 08 2018

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Wednesday, May 30 2018

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Tuesday, May 29 2018

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Saturday, May 26 2018

Click on the image above to read the entire statute:

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Monday, May 21 2018

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Tuesday, May 01 2018

Another postcard send to another elected official:

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Friday, April 27 2018

Just a short note:  I send postcards so nobody can say they
found something in my envelope that is questionable. 

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Tuesday, April 17 2018

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Wednesday, April 11 2018

I wanted to point out that the reason I send postcards is that if I send letter in an enveloope, the corruption in our government can claim I put something dangerous in the envelope.

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Sunday, March 25 2018

This is a copy of my Lindsey Graham postcard sent to Congressman Trey Gowdy.  We are witnessing corruption in Ameria's government like never seen before. The front of each postcard sent to Graham, Flake and Gowdy were are the same as it was to make the same point.

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Sunday, March 25 2018

I sent a copy of the Graham postcard to Trey Gowdy...while sending the same message.

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Sunday, March 25 2018

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Monday, March 12 2018

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Wednesday, March 07 2018

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Monday, February 19 2018

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Monday, December 11 2017

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Saturday, December 02 2017

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Monday, October 02 2017

Even I am guilty of this...otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned this craziness.

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Wednesday, September 20 2017

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Monday, August 14 2017

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Thursday, May 04 2017

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Wednesday, November 02 2016

He is just one arrogant, inept and dishonest guy. 
What a joke he has been and he belongs in jail.

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Wednesday, October 19 2016

Hillary Clinton was involved in the Watergate trial and years later she created

after Barack created

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Monday, October 10 2016

 -if Hillary loses the presidential election

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Tuesday, October 04 2016

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Saturday, September 24 2016

It appears to me that Obama, Loretta Lynch and James Comey had only one objective in the year long investigation of Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server, that was serving up top-secret information to foreign hackers. 

It was decided from the get go that nobody was going to be held accountable for the crimes committed by those who assisted Hillary Clinton while she was SOS. They gave them passes just like they gave Hillary a get out of jail free card...

Obama, the DOJ and the FBI's only objective was to make sure nobody was held accountable...what a corrupt system and the people of America should do everything possible to rid the infestation of the cockroaches that is plaguing our government.

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Wednesday, July 13 2016

DOJ Attroney General Loretta Lynch testifies at Congress and my comment to the DOJ.

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Tuesday, July 05 2016

picture above source: CNN news

On July 2, a Saturday, Hillary was questioned by the FBI.  This questioning pertained to her using a private email server while she was the Secretary of State.  Shortly thereafter, the liberal news media (i.e. CNN)  reported that "sources" have indicated to them that there would be no criminal charges filed against Hillary.  Never does CNN identify the source but only wants to publicize a subliminal message to the masses that Hillary won't be charged. 

It has been brought up a long time ago that the "fix" is in for Hillary not to be criminally charged and so her friends in the media are doing whatever they can to assist Hillary by making statements like this.  Now the fix would really be in if the FBI announces in the near future that Hillary would be charged with low level misdemeanors for her used of a private email server which was housing top-secret emails/information.  And these low level misdemeanors would amount to a "slap" on the hand and Hillary would still be able to run for president and those in America who drool over Hillary will be so excited.

So all of this "she won't be charged," before the FBI is even finished with its investigation into Hillary's actions, is just being leaked by the news media, i.e. CNN,  as a way to appease all those in America who strongly believe Hillary shouldn't be allowed to run for president and should be in the fix is in with all of this and the World will at least be able to say that Hillary was charged with low level misdemeanors, with a psychological sigh of relief, that Hillary didn't completely get away with her crimes.

Getting back to CNN stating that a source has come forth with the notion that Hillary won't be charged, only hours after the FBI had finished questioning Hillary,  just shows how corrupt our news media has become when they are doing whatever they can to protect those candidates they support.  How would anybody know at this point if chargees won't be filed unless that "source" to CNN who made that declaration knows that the "fix" is in?

But I guess if that "source" had instead indicated that Hillary was found to have been lying throughout this FBI questioning, then that would be something most people would believe to be true.

It is just incredible how many people are doing whatever they can to assistt and enable a narcissist like Hillary....a criminal narcissist and the worst thing that can be done for any narcissist is to enable them.

Personally speaking, I believe Hillary will be charged with low level misdemeanors, as a way for our corrupt government to give the impression that action was taken against a very high level criminal...and this action will only amount to a low level slap on the hand.

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Friday, June 17 2016

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Wednesday, June 08 2016

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Friday, March 04 2016

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Tuesday, December 08 2015

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Wednesday, January 23 2013

I have good news about Raley's.  The owners of Raley's are the Lance Armstrong of Sacramento.  Jack Nordby posted this article below on the Sacramento Press website this morning....Click on the image link below and get a big taste of the deception going on here with Raley's and the news media.  Lance should have committed his fraud here in Sacramento where the news media is tight-lipped about this kind of dishonesty.  Well not exactly, Armstrong will  first have to start doing some big time advertising with the news media to line their pockets.

 UPDATE:  This article has been temporarily taken down by the Sacramento Press-scroll to the bottom to read an email sent to Jack Nordby:


Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 11:48:18 -0800
Subject: The Sacramento Press: Your article

Hi Jack,

Thanks so much for sharing your story with The Sacramento Press. We pride ourselves in providing a platform for members of the community to discuss issues neglected by mainstream media.

However, there are a few issues with your article, and it has been taken down for the time being. I would like to work with you to amend that and get your article back up.

We can't have potentially libelous statements on our site without proof of their validity. What I will do is go through your article and highlight the statements that need to be addressed. You'll have the chance to edit your piece, hopefully in a manner that still feels true to you but also abides by our Terms of Use. Then we can put it back up on the site.

I will work on this later today, but until then please feel free to email me with your thoughts or concerns. We appreciate your participation on the site, and I will be in touch.

I am really hoping that Allison (and the Sacramento Press) isn't afraid and intimidated by the "Armstrong's" of Northern California...
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Wednesday, January 16 2013

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Wednesday, January 16 2013

Look at the sponsors giving this liar and cheater Lance large sums of money to represent them.

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Sunday, December 23 2012

Above is "empathy" and how it is defined and used.  It was easy to see how the mass killer at the Connecticut elementary school obviously lacked empathy.  How about the people in the community where this massacre took place? 

Did the people there who may have seen him around town or had contact with him, did they have empathy for him?  Maybe it was the lack of empathy that existed in the mind of this young man and the lack of empathy that existed in the minds of the other adults that caused this particular individual to be fueled with rage that set him off to where innocent young children, in which each one of whom probably had more empathy than all of the adults combined, were slaughtered.  Hard to figure out why they should be the ones to end up suffering the consequences and losing their lives.  

Empathy.  Either you have it or you don't!

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Friday, December 21 2012

The National Rifle Association released its opinion on how to stop mass killings.  To me, it sounds like a modern day "Gunfight at the OK Corral" just waiting to happen. So the NRA is stating that an armed police/guard with a gun, sitting comfortably in his elementary school reclining chair is going to stop a fruit-loop, dressed in bullet-proof clothes, spraying the entire building with bullets fired from weapons of mass destruction. 

All this means is that the first person the mass killer will plan to kill is the person at the school being given the task to stop the froot-loop with the military weapon bent on killing everybody in his view before he calmly puts a single bullet into his head.  Does this get any crazier?


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Wednesday, December 19 2012

Why would a 20-year-old man shoot his way into a elementary school and killed 20 children and six adult women? 

Was it because he had access to high powered weapons?  This killer didn't need a high powered weapon to kill a bunch of innocent people.  He could have ran over a bunch of children down with a car. He could have found a school bus filled with children and easily kill each one of them on the bus with a knife.  He could have placed explosives around the school when nobody was there and blown up the school.  However, having easy access to the guns became his chosen weapon on this day to fulfill his killing spree on this day.

In my opinion guns really aren't the problem.  The problem is probably the entire community where this young man lived.  He may have been acting on total revenge.  Revenge against the children?  NO!  Revenge against the parents of these children. 

Let's face it folks, most communities like this one in Connecticut are just filled with arrogant/pompous people who think they are better than everybody else and will probably look down on individuals like this killer known to be different than most of the other people in this community.  Unless you are perceived to be important, good looking and add wealthy to the mix, like them, then they will look down on you.  This is just common knowledge.

This mass killer probably felt the distain and discriminating look given off by the women who probably felt uncomfortable with this young man being in the community and showed it with their eyes and responses to him.  After all, the children victims of this killer were wholesome, not mentally disadvantaged like the killer and the mothers of these children probably acted like their children were better than rest.  And this may have fueled the rage inside of this young man to where he would show revenge to them all. 

This 20-year-old killer could have just gone to a theatre, a mall, a concert or any number of other public places to horribly play with his high powered guns but he didn't choose to do that.  What he did choose though was to target the children of the town's smug looking women and they all became easy targets in this supposedly safe and secure school. He was willing to break/shoot down the locked door at the school to specifically seek out these children and kill them. 

In my opinion, it's the way that this young man was probably psychologically mistreated by those in the community that made him feel the need to kill innocent children and how unfortunate for the pompous, well-dressed and wholesome pretty face women of this upscale community to have seen his "shock and awe" behavior and they have had tears in their eyes since and they will suffer for the rest of their lives which was the ultimate goal of this killer.

Yeah, they can pass more laws against having guns but no matter how many laws they pass concerning guns, they can never pass a law that will prevent a mass killer bent on killing your children.  Especially with the understanding the killer knows that the news media loves large body counts and is going to give their name notoriety. 

And all of the help the mental health experts claim these mass killers need won't help one iota if the snobbish people residing in these communities don't get help first and rid themselves of their smug and pompous attitudes.

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Thursday, December 13 2012

It just amazes me how Americans live in the greatest country in the World, and despicable and callous acts, like this one below, continue to go on and on with no end in sight to the insanity.  How such innocent children and unarmed adults can have their lives snatched away in such a disgusting way.

Another example of how "shock and awe" seems to be the main focus of individuals who have no respect for human life.  They know they are going to end their own life and so they make sure that they take a lot of innocent people with them to claim the notoriety that the news media will bring to them in the aftermath. 

I have to wonder if this guy below may have killed his mother first as a way of preparing himself for the human slaughter and the killings at the school.  In other words, if you can shoot your own mother in the face four times, it makes it a lot easier for that individual to be psyched up to go to a school and shoot little kids and adults in the face.   

A person who shoots a child or anyone else is way beyond my understanding.

America is just super loaded with people who could care less about the life of other human beings.  Many of whom are depressed, angry, suicidal, anti-social, lacking empathy and would love to have their name become a household word through the huge media coverage provided mass killers in America today.  

Suppose for a moment that just 10% of 1% of 1% of the U.S. population of nearly 312,000,000 million people are encouraged in the future, for whatever reason, to commit these kinds of acts. That equates into a staggering 3,120 potential mass killers in the U.S.  So, fill up your popcorn bucket and get ready for the continuation of the never-ending "shock and awe" that goes on in America.  Followed by the usual  three days of "we need gun control" rhetoric and the never-ending news media coverage afforded to these murderous cowards.

And if it was 1% of 1% of 1% of the total population,
which is 312,000,000 X .000001 then that =
312 potential mass killers just waiting to
have the news media lift their names up
high to bring them the sick notoriety
they hunger for.

Maybe I will spend some time writing out about 10 new speeches to offer President Barack Obama for him to use in the next 10 mass murders that will take place in the future.  You know, some fresh thoughts.


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Monday, August 06 2012

OK, here are the facts...

It's strange but based on statistics, the most recent being 2010, there were 8,775 murders committed by firearms in the U.S. What is the reason CNN news and the other news media outlets are not covering all of these other killings with a ton of cameras like they do in these once in a while senseless massacres?

Are the lives lost in bulk more important than only one person being killed on some dark lonely street? As long as the news media continues to treat these mass killings with the attitude that these murders are "special", these senseless killings will continue to take place and happen more frequently.

The news media loves murderous crimes with lots of victims.


Read more here:
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Saturday, July 21 2012

Ok-what was this young man's motive for his killing spree at this theater?  What has come out is that he was withdrawing from the University's PHD program as seen in this statement below found on Yahoo news:

"His reasons for quitting the program in June, just a year into the five- to seven-year program, also remained a mystery.

Holmes recently took an intense, three-part oral exam that marks the end of the first year. Those who do well continue with their studies and shift to full-time research, while those who don't do well meet with advisers and discuss their options, including retaking the exam. University officials would not say if he passed, citing privacy concerns.

The university said Holmes gave no reason for his withdrawal, a decision he made in June."

My former wife attended the Univ. of Missouri and was on its PHD doctorate program. 

This is what she experienced attending the PHD program:  Backstabbing competitive students; favoritism being shown by the professors; isolation-because she didn't fit into the cliques that existed; so much rudeness.  When she didn't receive a passing score on her test, she was given the same option- retake the exam or leave the program.  My former decided to retake the test.  She passed the test but felt so disturb by the BS that was going on at this university that she withdrew and went back to California to finish her doctorate.

There were times she met me at a restaurant where she would be in tears because of how she was being treated by other students....

For this killer to be consider brilliant, why was he withdrawing?  Was it because he experienced similar things at this university similar to what my former wife experience?  It wouldn't surprise me to find out that he did, his buttons were pushed and it all manifested itself into a well orchestrated massacre with great lethal special effects.

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Saturday, July 21 2012

The guy to the right killed 12 innocent people while they were watching a movie in a public theater.

What's interesting is the fact that our government went to war in Iraq to keep "weapons of mass destruction" out of the hands of its fruit-cake leader. However, weapons of mass destruction were never discovered in Iraq.

Yet, a fruit-cake living in America can order guns, that are essentially "weapons of mass destruction," and enter a public theater and commit a mass destruction and kill innocent lives that he planned out to perfection. There is something really wrong with this picture.

Yes, citizens should have a right to own guns but should have no right to own weapons of mass destruction. If it's good to keep those kinds of weapons out of the hands of foreign fruit-cakes, then it should be even more good to keep them out of the hands of homegrown-fruit-cakes. This seems like a no-brainer.

America's elected officials never have to worry about having eye to eye contact with this kind of a killer because they are provided security, at tax-payers expense, to avoid this kind of fate when attending a movie.

Still, he is getting what he ultimately wanted and that is news media attention. 

He told the police that he was the Joker. 

He told the news media that he was Santa Claus and delivered 12 bloodied-dead bodies to them wrapped up as Christmas presents and the news media couldn't have been more excited with it all.




Read more here:
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Monday, July 18 2011

Recently there was a criminal trial taking place in Florida where a mother was being tried for first degree murder.  After this woman was found not guilty there was a large segment of Americans who were upset by this verdict....they simply thought this woman was guilty.

Here is what the majority of Americans don't know about criminal cases and this lack of knowledge is because most americans don't get involved in the criminal process going on in the courts.  I have sat through enough criminal court cases to know that there are many not guilty verdicts rendered in cases where it appeared that the prosecution had more than enough evidence to get a conviction. 

I remember a case I sat in on when one day I saw the prosecutor of this criminal case in the elevator and asked him what was the outcome of the case and surprising he told me the man on trial was acquitted of the crime. I thought that there was more than enough evidence to convict this man....I don't believe there were crowds of people outside this courthouse willing to burn down the building because of this unjust jury verdict.  In fact there was nobody.    

So, instead of all of the uproar over the fact that this woman was found not guilty of the charges, maybe these same individuals who are upset about the verdict should spend more time viewing other criminal cases happening within most court-rooms in America and discover that this kind of an outcome is happening more often than not. 

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Saturday, January 15 2011
These killers who drown themselves in their loneliness are motivated by publicity and the revelation they will become instant (dark) celebrities through the news media who long for these kinds of murderous acts.

So, ultimately, you can thank the news media for pushing the button on these killers to load their weapons and plan their deadly assaults so they can have everybody see the pictures of them posing in a G-string while holding their guns celebrating their night-before the killings- parties.

Thanks to the news media for helping give these kinds of murderers the attention they seek through the blood of innocent people. And while the news media today is obsessed with this killer, somewhere in America, another lonely person gets the thrill of death planted in his heart and plans the next murderous rampage knowing his name too will be splashed around the world.

Cho killings of Virginia Tech, Killers at Columbine and many others have taught all of us how the news media loves blood and victims, and lots of it. So if you give the news media what they want they will reward you with what you want--publicity..........................................................................And lots of it!
Below is an article published by the Associated Press and republished by many other news outlets.  This one below is from the Washington Post. Click on image to read where the news media wants the public to know important information about the killer in Arizona:

He is getting all the news media attention his smile is affording him.

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Sunday, January 09 2011

Below is an article about a congresswoman who was shot along with many others in front of a supermarket in Tucson, Arizona. 

Since this shooting has taken place, the only two people the news media and elected officials are focusing on is this elected congresswoman and the gunman.  There were many other private citizens also fighting for their lives/or in critical condition, in this mass shooting, and the only person given any attention is the congresswoman. 

Only two people that the news media and elected officials are focusing on are the congresswoman and the suspect.  The congresswoman is a public servant and it has been determined that public servants publicly serve themselves-and articles like the one below clearly show that this opinion of mine is true.  The other person is the suspect. The suspect probably was motivated by attention, knowing that shooting 15 to 20 people with a gun will get him non-stop attention from the news media.  And he is going to get this attention from the news media-especially after shooting a public servant whom is publicly serving themselves.

It is just pathetic in America.  In my opinion, the news media should show the other victims some respect by reporting on their condition and how some of them may be fighting for their lives.

Click on the image below to read the story and see how not one word in this article mentioned anything about the other victims fighting for their lives...

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Thursday, October 30 2008

     Well, I guess you can say the sad saga of O.J. Simpson will soon end in a courtroom in Las Vegas.  Below is a photo of Jack Nordby having his photo taken with O.J. in Las Vegas during a recess in O.J.s court hearing. 

     This court case lacked gloves that didn't fit,  a Kato Kaelin looking for more than 15 minutes of fame, a Judge Ito who couldn't keep his court in order, a detective being caught lying about using the "N" word and many other aspects of Simpson's murder trial of over 13 years ago. 


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Monday, October 06 2008

Below is a photo of Jack Nordby meeting Simpson in Vegas during a recess to Simpson's court case. 

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Friday, April 20 2007

It is easy- it is called gun control! Here is the reasoning behind it. The first thing that any student attending college or a university should keep in mind is that they should be properly prepared and properly equipped to protect themselves.  Take the SWAT team below.  These guys would have never shown up in a volatile situation without proper gear or proper equipment.  Can you imagine what would happen to them if they showed up without this equipment and looking like unarmed students? 

Likewise, a student needs to be prepared just like the guys above.  I mean, if you don't properly equip yourself, you are just a sitting duck for any person on a mission to committ murder.  In fact, it would be ideal for students to have the same kind of  protection as America's elected officials. You don't see them as sitting ducks while they are wasting their time at the State Capitol. They have so much security there that no "Cho" would be able to pull off what "Cho" pulled off at the University of Virginia Tech.    So below is a picture that shows how students should look and be equipped while attending class so they don't end up being sitting ducks to a crazed murderer.  And don't forget this:  As long as the news media is bent on making celebrities out of cold blooded murderers, there will be more school shootings in the future. 

They have bullet proof vests, high powered guns, and confidence that they will be still alive after their english class is over.

Now, who would want to mess around with students equipped to defend themselves?  This is the way to properly protect yourself while attending a school.  This is also called "gun control."  In other words, your gun is going to control that goof ball coming after you with his.  Also, instead of schools having vending machines stocked with M&M's and potato chips, they should stock these vending machines with mace pepper spray and ammunition.

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Wednesday, April 18 2007

There is a question to why he shot his first two victims.  The simple answer is probably that he needed a practice run on his ability to kill somebody so that when he made his big college achievement two hours later, he would have the poise necessary in order for him to nonchalantly kill innocent defenseless people.  He had probably experienced a run in with one of them.

Well, it has happened again and all throughout America, the bozo's seen on CNN and the rest of the news stations are asking that same most important question "Why?"  When will 95% of the Americans whom create this situation in the first place understand that it is "their" actions that  creates the reaction in troubled people like Cho Seung-Hui.  He killed those whom he probably experienced ridicule and arrogant behavior from.  People whom he viewed as privileged Americans.  I mean, let's face the reality of the occasional incidence of violence at school campuses in this country.  The young man probably decided that before he committed suicide, he was going to take as many arrogant students whom he probably had experience a lot of demeaning comments from-does Columbine ring a bell? He didn't kill his room mates in which he could have.  He probably didn't experience from them what he had experienced from his fellow classmates.  So, until arrogant, rude people, attending our schools and colleges, get the message that when they combine their rudeness, arrogance, and demeaning behavior with an outcast, they are inviting a violent outcome...

I lived with three students in a dormitory/apartment setting in a University area many years ago.  One of the students was from the country of India.   After he realized I was a polite and nice guy, he confided in me and told me that most of the Americans he met were rude and arrogant.  How true it is!  In fact, click here to meet a typical arrogant and rude American living in California...This guy has that typical "I am something special" attitude.

When and where will the next massacre occur?  That is the question! As long as the news media wants to give these individuals what they are looking for, this low intelligent criminal behavior will continue.  However, it is still sad that so many young people had to face this senseless act of cruelty. 

Well at least for a few days the people all around this country will act mature and seem nice and respectable to their fellow human beings.  However, it won't take too long for Americans to be back to practicing their noon time gossiping, their "better than thou" rudeness, their "I am so good" arrogance, and their "much practiced" cliquish backstabbing behavior.  Americans just need to know that they may push these personality defects onto the  wrong person and pay a hefty price for it.  This goof ball got what he was looking for and that was non stop news coverage from blood thirsty news stations trying to convince their viewers that they should know every detail about what the survivors witnessed while their classroom students were being shot dead.  How pathetic!!!  

Wow, imagine what Cho Seung-Hui would have done had Raley's cheated and destroyed his dad...

Bigger yet, imagine what would have happened had this disturbed young man been a member of UFCW 588 and realized that this union was corrupt to the core...

Click here and read a copy of a postcard (front and back) sent to UFCW 8 (588) on April 16, 2007. 

Can you imagine how the families of the victims must feel witnessing the news media giving this guy the amount of publicity in which he murdered 32 people for?

The news media (NBC) wants everybody to know all about this goofballs writings, ramblings, and death videos after slaughtering nearly three dozen people. 

Click here to read a postcard letter (front and back) sent to NBC recently. 

Wasn't it great to have the news media retrace this killers footsteps the morning he massacre a few dozen innocent people?  They wanted you to know every detail of this murderous event. 

 Click here to view my steps on the morning I mailed NBC my postcard letter on April 11, 2007. It may seem absurd, but so does the fact that our news organizations want us to know the path insanity took to kill nearly three dozen innocent people.

They never responded.  So, it turns out that if you want the news media to redress your issues, you need to kill a few dozen innocent people.  What a bunch of arrogant deceitful assholes in the news media who help motivate disturbed individuals to act out so callously knowing they will receive the attention that they long for.  But then again, the news media longs for disturbed individuals who will help assist them in achieving high ratings.  Depending on the amount of blood involved determines their interest in pursuing any particular story.

This guy was really disturbed.  He wanted to paint himself as some kind of martyr and Christ like figure.  Wow, he was some deranged person.   He wanted to pollute, attack, and offend every great institution in America. 






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Wednesday, February 07 2007

Charged astronaut returns to Texas
Associated Press

HOUSTON - Hiding her face from the cameras, astronaut Lisa Nowak returned to Texas on Wednesday, a day after being charged in Florida with trying to murder the woman she believed was her romantic rival for a space shuttle pilot's affections.   Nowak was charged in Orlando on Tuesday with attempted first-degree murder, attempted kidnapping and three other crimes stemming from what police described as a love triangle involving a fellow astronaut. She was released on bail but ordered to stay away from the other woman and to wear a monitoring device.

The woman featured to the right in the picture above is really lucky to be alive today and not buried somewhere and never to be found again.  Had it not been for the fact that she was able to get inside her car and lock her car doors,  she would have surely met the fate that the woman on the left had methodically planned for her.  Also, had the woman on the left been just an ordinary person she would have never been freed on bail for an attempted murder charge and would be sitting in jail.  Lisa Nowak had planned the murder of Colleen Shipman where there would have been absolutely no evidence to implicate her in this murder. 

 drove 900 miles from Houston, Texas to Florida.  They say  wore a diaper to keep from having to make restroom stops so she could get to Florida in a faster time.  Why didn't she just take a commercial air flight from Houston to Florida?  Probably because she knew that others who have committed similar murderous crimes were caught on airport security film or were identified by airport staff  and so this very smart individual whom was smart enough to become an astronaut wanted to make sure that she was never caught. 

wore the diaper so she wouldn't have to use public bathrooms along her 900 mile journey.  Doing so would make it possible for her to be identified by some gas stations that use video surveillance.  Lisa also paid for everything using cash.  Lisa wanted to make sure there was no paper trail left behind  which she knows could reveal her whereabouts while traveling to Florida. 


The only thing that prevented  from committing her perfect murder was the fact that she wasn't able to quickly get Colleen Shipman under her control when she confronted her at the airport parking lot.

This story about NASA's astronauts has to make you wonder if space flights are safe.  Can you imagine how easy it would be for someone with a loose screw working at NASA to be able to sabotage a space flight so that the space ship would crash intentionally or explode after take off?  All it would take would be a love triangle within NASA's personnel.  The question I have is has this happened already at NASA on any of the space flights that ended in a tragedy?  NASA would never admit to something like that especially knowing it would risk having public funding for the space program discontinued.  NASA has become a special club for the elite where politics decides who becomes an astronaut- or better yet, who becomes an asshole-naut.  This is truly one pathetic story.

Below is the police report on wearing a wig...


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