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Saturday, December 12 2020

Is AG Barr really doing a job while being the Attorney General of the United States?  Anyway, I hope he appreciates my postcard.

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Wednesday, December 09 2020

Congressman Eric Swallwell is in deep dodo.  At least I think he is.  So I sent him my next postcard...this guy should have already been arrested.  I sent a postcard to his D.C. office and his CA office in Castro Valley.  I hope he likes it.

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Monday, October 12 2020

Facebook and the other social media have arrived at a place today that they have been longing to arrive at...and that place being "censorship."  Facebook has indicated that they will take down any postings/information during the presidential election that makes any mention of an outcome of a winner.  In other words, if somebody posts that Donald Trump has won the election on election day, Facebook will immediately remove that information.  WOW.  Thankfully I don't have a Facebook account.  My FACEBOOK is right here. I can say anthing I want and be as crazy as I want and there is NO goofy ZUCKERBERG around to censor me. 

So, I decided that I would create a postcard announcing that President Trump has been reelected on election day and send this to FACEBOOK a few weeks before  the election.  Facebook surely can't censor my postcard. I HOPE THEY APPRECIATE MY POSTCARD.  Also, on the front of the postcard, and to the right of President Trump's face, is Zuckerburg's own signature that he left at the CA Secretary of State when Facebook was filing incorporation paper work with the corporations section.

Speaking about Facebook, below is the CA Secretary of State filings since 2004:
Click on any date to open pdf file:

To view zuckerberg signature:  Date filing 02/14/2006 and 11/13/2007

To view how much money people who have Facebook accounts have provided
Zuckerberg and friends click on Publicly Traded Disclosure.

Here is some more food for thought about Facebook:

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Wednesday, September 02 2020

According to a recent WSJ article, the lockdowns weren't helpful in stopping the spread of covid-19:

read the story below:

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Saturday, August 29 2020

I was at the gym the other day doing what I enjoy the most in life to keep myself healthy-called running.  There were two women also working-out inside this gym.  Both of them were wearing masks and when they saw that I was not wearing a mask, they asked me to put on a mask.  I asked this one woman if she wore a mask, last year, during the flu season and that kind of logic wasn't going to stick with her.  So there I was, caught in this absurd argument with this woman who was standing in front of me, demanding that I put on a mask.  Every time she removed her mask to tell me something, I told her to put her mask back on because she was going to catch the virus.  Eventually the argument directed both of us to an area of speech I didn't want to go to.  Finally, she flipped me off with her middle finger and amazingly she got my middle finger on my left hand to be directed right back at her. It's funny how that works.  I wonder if there has ever been research done to figure out why that happens? 

Anyway, below does represent research that has been done on the safety of wearing a mask.  So if the information below can't be disproved, then why would Governor's around our country, and irate women at a gym, demand that people wear them?  It makes no sense.  Why would three people, all running on a treadmill at a community gym, in which two of them were wearing masks while running, want to harm themselves by wearing a mask while doing this kind of excerise?  If all three of us at this gym are healthy adults, harboring no illness, then there should be no need to wear a would think.  Wearing a mask should never be anywhere near your nose and your mouth, while running.  Come on folks, why would anybody be so stupid to believe that you should cover up their face while in a deep breathing excercise?  But then again, both of these women were trying to maintain their weight/stay healthy and really weren't runners but only complying sheep who should have stayed home to be safe and not at a gym harassing a true healthy runner trying to stay healthy.  When you read what is below, it makes you wonder if the democratic leaders/governors true goal is simply to get the public sick by wearing a useless mask...and then become even be more vulnerable to catching the COVID-19.

                                         I want the mask information below to be disproved:

And here is another question to ponder:  If three people, working out in the same gym, are all healthy, then why would it be necessary for any one of the three people inside this gym to wear a mask?  I know I am healthy because anybody with covid-19 will not be healthy enough to run for an hour on a treadmill like I'm able to do. And if the other two women aren't healthy, then they should not be in a public gym.

Below are stats on the death percentages of covid-19 infections, auto accidents and other accidents fatality rates: Does the COVID-19 present risks that justifies shutting down the economy and destroying people's lives?  Folks, it is really getting dumb.

This information was disovered from watching the Dan Bongino Show.

Below is a response I got back from the Governor of the state I reside in:

I want answers to this nonsense.  This year's COVID-19 is just last year's flu and depending on how healthy you are determines how it affects you.  Remember, those who are affected the worse are, unfortunately, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.  

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Monday, September 16 2019

Raley Field in West Sacramento is losing the name "Raley"...It will be called Sutter Health Park at the conclusion of the 2019 season...I think sales have dropped off so much at Raley's stores that they are cutting back on some their premium expenses.  Below is a postcard I sent to Mike Teel.  

Posted by: Frank Nordby AT 12:00 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, February 26 2019

Below is my postcard sent to Raley's stating that there has been 45 years of "fishy-ness"
going on at Raley's...This is an actual ad Raley's ran 45 years ago today.  Fishy, fishy, fishy.

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Thursday, November 01 2018

Below is a postcard I recently sent to Raley's and a number of other individuals celebrating the 45-year-anniversary of the fraud that took place in Nevada back in July of 1973.  This postcard somewhat explains the fraud that occurred in Nevada.  This is where Chuck Collings and Jim Teel were taking cash out of a supermarket chain that was headed towards bankruptcy.  The only reason they didn't let this chain of stores go bankrupt is because of Charles Nordby's successful profit increasing program that he was establishing into the California stores during this time.  In fact, Nordby has stated Collings and Teel never even told him of these stores in Nevada when Raley's hired him at this same time to troubleshoot the CA Raley's stores.  It's also possible that Collings and Teel only hired Nordby as to be a potential scapegoat for when the Raley's stores in CA went it is also my contention that inexperienced Collings was only made president of Raley's so Tom Raley would have a convenient scapegoat for when Raley's went bankrupt.  

One of the addressees postcard was undeliverable:

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Friday, June 08 2018

Posted by: Frank Nordby AT 12:00 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, December 11 2017

Posted by: Frank Nordby AT 12:00 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, May 26 2017


A special day to remember an honest man.

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Friday, February 17 2017

Wow, it has been 25 years since Charles Nordby sent the first copy of his book titled "Raley's Exposed, Who On Earth Saved Raley's?" to Joyce Raley Teel.  Also understand that Charles Nordby never contacted Raley's suppliers or the news media back during that time period...I did!  Below is another 25-year anniversary post card I will send to Mike Teel celebrating March 4, 1991. I hope he shares this with his parents.  

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Monday, December 12 2016

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Wednesday, October 05 2016

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Tuesday, October 04 2016

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Saturday, April 02 2016

Twenty-Five-Years-ago today, Charles Collings/Raley's threatened to sue me if I continued to spread falshhoods and boldly told me I would need an attorney if I did. 

What a fucking bunch of teethless barking dogs.  On July 29, this website will have been boldly up and running for 13-years.  I keep it up so that if somebody were to punch their fraudulent names into google or other search engines, their name and my website come up at the top of the results.

Being a chess player, I guess it would be appropriate to call this game "mate"

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Friday, March 04 2016

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Wednesday, January 23 2013

I have good news about Raley's.  The owners of Raley's are the Lance Armstrong of Sacramento.  Jack Nordby posted this article below on the Sacramento Press website this morning....Click on the image link below and get a big taste of the deception going on here with Raley's and the news media.  Lance should have committed his fraud here in Sacramento where the news media is tight-lipped about this kind of dishonesty.  Well not exactly, Armstrong will  first have to start doing some big time advertising with the news media to line their pockets.

 UPDATE:  This article has been temporarily taken down by the Sacramento Press-scroll to the bottom to read an email sent to Jack Nordby:


Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 11:48:18 -0800
Subject: The Sacramento Press: Your article

Hi Jack,

Thanks so much for sharing your story with The Sacramento Press. We pride ourselves in providing a platform for members of the community to discuss issues neglected by mainstream media.

However, there are a few issues with your article, and it has been taken down for the time being. I would like to work with you to amend that and get your article back up.

We can't have potentially libelous statements on our site without proof of their validity. What I will do is go through your article and highlight the statements that need to be addressed. You'll have the chance to edit your piece, hopefully in a manner that still feels true to you but also abides by our Terms of Use. Then we can put it back up on the site.

I will work on this later today, but until then please feel free to email me with your thoughts or concerns. We appreciate your participation on the site, and I will be in touch.

I am really hoping that Allison (and the Sacramento Press) isn't afraid and intimidated by the "Armstrong's" of Northern California...
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Tuesday, December 11 2012
I was viewing the "obituary" page that The Bee publishes and noticed an obituary for a Bee journalist who had just died.  Just disgusting what kind of ads The Bee places next to those people who worked many years for them.  And even done to The Bee's "religion" journalist...


This is the kind of respect The Bee shows one of its deceased employees.
Source:  The Sacramento Bee web site

Does the above obituary, and the lack of respect shown to Jennifer Garza outdo the lack of respect The Bee showed my dad in his obituary when The Sacramento Bee quoted the man my dad was suing for fraud before he passed away?  And The Sacramento Bee was completely aware of that fraud suit...

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Monday, August 22 2011

Well, it is now confirmed.  Mike Teel finally put a close sign on his Good Eats restaurant in Sacramento.  How sad to realize that Mike is a con man just like his dad Jim.  He knew he wasn't going to keep this restaurant opened for a long time.  He closed his Arizona Good Eats shortly before he opened the Sacramento location. Mike isn't even good at being a con-man----but he is one.  


This entire Good Eats idea (in my opinion) was done to attract investors.  He apparently didn't find any and so he had to cleverly find a way to conclude this whole Good Eats investment idea without costing him a large sum of money in which it may have already done. 

What is really sad is the fact that his friends at The Bee, like Bob Shallit, will assist him with his agenda and place strategic articles like the one above to try and convince the public of an intention that really weren't there.  What a game. 

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Wednesday, May 04 2011

The Sacramento Bee ran an article on May 3 making it known that KCRA 3 news anchor Kevin Riggs was leaving KCRA.  I posted a comment using the screen name "Fur"  Another screen name "freelkgrove" left a reply to my comment. 

Later in the day I was checking out the comments and noticed that The Bee removed my comment.  The problem was that The Bee changed the screen name from "Fur" to "guest". Then they changed "freelkgrove" reply from "fur" to "guest."

However, The Bee didn't care if the other "fur" comment was left. Below are to the incidences of this happening in the comment section of The Bee---in a pdf format...just click on the images to view:

Click on this image to see my original comment left at The Bee before they removed it.  Click on this image to see where The Bee removed my comment and changed my screen name from 'fur' to 'guest'  

The Bee is such a dishonest newspaper...

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Monday, March 22 2010

Here is latest on Mike Teel's "The Good Eats" restaurant. Below he even opens his first restaurant on Folsom Blvd, the Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant was closed.  Does this surprise anybody?  Teel's buddies as The Sacramento Bee have yet to report this closing.  I wonder why? 

Shortly before this article was publishes, Teel's new wife is seen as the new CEO of this Arizona Corporation.  What a joke....

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Monday, January 11 2010

The Bee keeps cutting jobs.  I am surprised The Bee can sell even one newspaper.

I recently posted nine comments on an article The Bee regularly runs called "On the move"  as a way to prove a point.  When you open up this PDF file you will see that when my screen name "Fur" account is open I can see the nine comments I have posted.  However, when my "Fur' account is signed out, then all of my comments are now invisible.  Nobody's computer will have these comments visible for them to read.  Just another way for The Sacramento Bee to show how deceitful they are.  

Now anybody reading this Bee "on the move" page will not see any comments posted by "Fur."  All nine comments were posted by "Fur."

See where it shows (9) comments.  Well click on this image and see where nobody will see any of these comments because they have been hidden by The Bee.

Posted by: Frank S Nordb AT 07:00 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Sunday, October 18 2009
My comment that wouldn't be visible on Maybe McClatchy will allow the homeless people in Sacramento to take advantage of the soon-to-be vacant building located on 2100 Q Street when your employer is forced to close shop.  It might be a cozy place for you to lay your head on cold nights during your coming years of unemployment.  Just try to keep the unused advertisers ink from getting on your clothes. Good ink to make lots of homeless signs.  It's too bad your employer is such a crooked operator.  Just the way your employer censors my brother Jack and I on is laughable.  Shame on you and the rest of the phonies there at the Bee. 
Marcos, probably any one of the homeless people roaming around downtown Sacramento could probably do your job sufficiently.  In fact, Pruitt ought to hire a homeless person to write your articles to save some more money to help next quarter's results. 

The Sacramento Bee writer Marcos Breton addresses the homeless problem in the Bee.



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Friday, August 21 2009

I was recently listening to a radio show on KFBK 1530 called MoneyMatters.  It features two men who call themselves finacial planners/advisors.  Below is a link to a YouTube video I did solo.   Scott Hanson is being referred to on this video.  He claims his wife is loyal to Raley's.  I mentioned on this video the Raley store located at the intersection of Franklin Blvd. and Mack Rd.  This is a Raley store his wife probably would not be loyal to.  She would probably walk right out of this store once she got a whif of the bad smell inside.   Why does Joyce Raley Teel allow this store to smell bad inside?  Is it because a high percentage of the people who shop there are low income and Joyce Raley Teel doesn't care about the bad store smell because shoppers are the low income people?  I don't know.

Also, I would imagine most of the clients Hanson and McClain entertain are professional looking people wearing expensive suits. The two of them aren't used to the poney-tail characters offering $100,000 to prove a story wrong.  

Nobody can prove Charles Nordby's story wrong because back in 1973, Raley's top people were real incompetent. Chuck Collings must have been real embarrassed after seeing all that Nordby uncovered in Raley's operation that showed just how stupid he (Collings) and Jim Teel were... 


Click on the image below to view the YouTube video.


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Wednesday, July 08 2009

Yes.  The Bee is still censoring my brother Jack and me.  Below is a comment I submitted on the Bee's site.  It can only "bee" seen by me.  The Bee wants me to believe that others will see my post,,,,but they know nobody will.  Let's see.  Wasn't CEO Gary Pruitt a "first ammendment" attorney in his younger years?  Now, he is just a greedy old executive of a dying newspaper company headed for bankruptcy....


Here is my Bee posting that nobody will see...oh, if you want to comment on this site, everybody will see your post.


This comment was related to an article The Bee ran about red light cameras.

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Sunday, May 03 2009

it will certainly be a day to celebrate when the Bee is no longer putting out its low standard nonsense-as seen below:

Here is the first comment somebody posted concerning the above Bee article...


Errors like this are common place in The Bee.

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Tuesday, March 31 2009

The Sacramento Bee is using some very deceitful ways to censor individuals who post comments on its web site.  More info coming soon.

The Bee's deceptive ways came to light through this article published on its web site recently.

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Sunday, February 22 2009

Ponzi schemes are everywhere.  And everywhere people are placing their trust into the hands of people out to defraud them.  In 1973, Charles Nordby placed his trust into the hands of a fraud named Charles "Ponzi" Collings. 

Have you ever been conned by a con artist?

When the city of Sacramento became aware that Charles Collings was just a con man, the city made Collings' Sacramentan of the year. 

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Sunday, December 28 2008

Chuck Collings is 83 years old.  He won't be on this earth that much longer and it looks like he will have friends where he is going to spend eternity.  Below to the left is a picture of Collings sitting on the lap of Santa Claus.  Below to the right is a picture of the Santa Claus he will have an opportunity to make friends with soon.

How nice that Collings was able to sit on Santa's lap and ask for more fraud presents.Here is a picture of the Santa Claus Collings' will be able to befriend when he leaves this world.


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Saturday, August 30 2008

What is a shill? Below represents internet shillling:

StephaniKise is a Raley shill.  She is providing a comment that she knows is not true but wants to give viewers the impression that this story is bogus.  By the fact she mentions 1969 was Raley's turnaround, which is a year later than what Chuck Collings indicated in a letter written in to Frank Nordby, I have to think she is possibly a relative of Mr. Collings.  Mr. Collings stated that the turnaround was in 1968. The problem with her making this claim that Raley's turnaround happened in 1969 is contradicted by Raley's history book when it claimed that 1973 was the year Raley's turned around when they purchased a chain of mismanaged stores that were losing money called Eagle Thrifty.  An additional note:  Raley's history book indicated that buying Eagle Thrifty in 1973 was the gamble that made Tom Raley a millionare several times over. 

Below is a comment from another Youtube user with a user name kid43.  kid43 is shill and after clicking on his id the information concerning him are seen at the bottom.  Is kid43 Michael Teel?  kid43 had created this user name on this date.  He also indicated that he is 57 years old.  Mike Teel is 57 years old.  He is also information that only a person like Michael Teel would know.  There aren't that many employee's working for Raley's who know who Beverly Hardesty is.  Beverly is featured on this web site.  She too was assisting Raley's as shill.  She was publicly telling people that Charles Nordby lied in his Raley's Exposed book. 

Below are to user names that are shilling for Raley' is dishonest...




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Sunday, August 17 2008

Below represents comments that I posted on the Sacramento Bee's web site pertaining to a goof ball in Sacramento that is currently in the process of opening his own business.  Somebody thought these comments were offensive and so I kept posting the same comment:  I guess we can call it censoring the truth...

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Wednesday, March 12 2008


Below is an article that the Sacramento Bee published in their newspaper.  Further down, you will be able to see how the Bee censored one of the comments that was submitted in reference to this article.  After franksalot complained to Bee, the Bee evenually restored the comment.

Would anybody consider the above comment as breaking the Bee's rules?

Reader Logjam submitted a comment to franksalot.  Sometime later the Bee pulled the above comment from franksalot's as seen below:

The Bee did review the comment and they did remove this comment.  Then later, franksalot added the same comment on the Bee website as seen below:


Posted by: Frank S. Nordby AT 04:46 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Thursday, October 05 2006

Posted by: Frank Nordby AT 12:07 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, August 18 2006

It is just appalling that the news media in America gives so much attention to obvious fruit-cakes and murderers.  Below is an animation  (in a Wayne Newton style) capturing one pathetic guy.  But the good news is that the news media fell right into his lap so he could molest them with his insanity if he needed to.

The news media made a big deal how a year book was signed 'I shall be the conqueror' and tried to link it to a ranson note signed 'SBTC'  Doesn't anybody in the news think that if John Karr signed the ranson note he would have included 'I' to the letters 'SBTC'?

Below is another animation that depicts the absurdity of it all:

What an enept police department located in Boulder Colorado.  Especially knowing the champagne,  shrimp, and the cost of all the airflights will ultimately be paid for by the taxspayers. There is a definite lack of oxygen in Colorado.

It is total absurdity.   But, here is something even more absurd.  Below is an email I received from Linda Rich, whom I don't know, but whom did receive a copy of my animation above:

"Please take me off you e-mail listing. I do not apreciate your humor."  Linda Rich snowqueen04

Linda Rich has asked me to take her off my emailing list.  She indicates she doesn't appreciate my humor.  Linda, there isn't anything funny about the above animation.  The animation is simply to state how pathetic the news media in America has become. Linda, if you saw something humorous in that animation you certainly have a twisted sense of humor.   Linda is one of the many millions of people living in America today who can't see the forest for the trees. 

Linda is no longer on my e-mailing list. 




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