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Friday, September 03 2021

Here is the first postcard I have sent through the mail in awhile.  Repeat, I send postcards instead of letters in envelopes because we have a lot of dishonest people in this world (especially in government) who would love to claim they found some white powder in the envelope...LOL

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Monday, May 10 2021

Here is a postcard I sent (May 10, 2021).

I even sent a copy of the postcard to Biden and Harris at the White House:

Will they really send me an appropriate response?

On May 14, I sent a copy of this postcard to Liz Cheney who has been very vocal claiming there wasn't any election fraud...she knows there was...and lots of it.

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Wednesday, March 03 2021

Here is a postcard I created and sent to the Governor of Hawaii.  It's really pathetic realizing the kinds of people being elected into public positions.  I guess so many people in Hawaii believed in a fake missile heading towards them back in 2018, that they would believe wearing a mask will protect them from a deadly virus.  I had another argument with a woman at a gym over wearing a fask mask.  I just told her that if she is that afraid to be out in public then she should just stay home.  What a bunch F-ing fruitcakes, who don't have the capacity to think on their own, live in this world today.

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Saturday, January 09 2021

On January 6, I was out in my front yard doing some work when I noticed a rainbow in the sky.  Now January 6th is the day that America's elected officials committed an election coup d'etat in their effort to get rid of President Trump.  President Trump won the election in a landslide and the corrupt politicians in Washington D.C./Democrats knew that the only way to defeat President Trump was through massive election fraud.  So on this day, the corrupt people in D.C. got together and accepted the results of a fraudulent election to help them rid themselves of POTUS, once and for good.  Below is the RAINBOW.  One interesting fact about this rainbow is that it was visible in the sky for over an hour...I had never witnessed a rainbow that stayed in the sky for so long. 

Picture above taken at 8:40 am

Picture above taken at 9:40 am


For an hour it stayed visible in the sky-and the picture above is the last opportunity for me to capture this rainbow, on my cellphone.  Like it was moving away from me.  And get this tidbit:  It was mostly sunny out

source:  Google

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Saturday, December 19 2020

Yeah, our government is one, big, slimy, corrupt mess. So I sent a postcard to an individual who has helped it become the mess it is today:


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Wednesday, December 09 2020

Congressman Eric Swallwell is in deep dodo.  At least I think he is.  So I sent him my next postcard...this guy should have already been arrested.  I sent a postcard to his D.C. office and his CA office in Castro Valley.  I hope he likes it.

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Monday, November 30 2020

I decided to send back-to-back postcards to Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.  I hope she like this one too.

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Friday, November 20 2020

Now, there will be those who will say "they impeached him," but really, they didn't have any legitimate grounds to impeach President Trump.  None, whatsoever.  It was all just a  sham.  Shame on them.

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Friday, November 20 2020

Here is my postcard I sent to CNN NEWS AND CDC.  I hope they appreciated the messages within it:

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Monday, November 09 2020

Yes, there was massive voter fraud going on election night.  Below represents two screen shots captured on my cell phone on election night.  The math surely didn't add up with the two screen shots...the corrupt news media couldn't get their act together to make it all seem true that Joe Biden was going to be elected president. This is where America is today. If you can't honestly beat your political opponent, then you just go ahead and cheat as much as you can. 

Then, check out the AP results for 5:37am and 6:17-  only 40 minutes apart and you can see that in those 40 minutes, Biden gained around 160,000 votes and Trump only gained around 25,000...really?

The only election result that I could say for sure was honest and accurate was the vote tally coming out of the District of Columbia where Joe Biden received  93.3% of the vote and President Trump received only 5.2% of the vote. I wonder if anybody from ANTIFA secretly voted for President Trump?  I mean, it is true that most people in Washington D.C. (aka the swamp) hate Trump.  No recount needed there.

Also, ponder this fact about the counting of votes going on in Michigan:  Between 5:37 am and 6:14 am, (37 MINUTES) Michigan time, Joe Biden picked up 163,578 votes and Donald Trump picked up 25,461 votes.  IN ONLY 37 MINUTES OF COUNTING

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Thursday, November 05 2020

Read the email from the BLOOD BANK.  I guess the corrupt governor of Hawaii gave the Blood Bank the green light-or the red light.

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Friday, October 30 2020


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Monday, October 12 2020

Facebook and the other social media have arrived at a place today that they have been longing to arrive at...and that place being "censorship."  Facebook has indicated that they will take down any postings/information during the presidential election that makes any mention of an outcome of a winner.  In other words, if somebody posts that Donald Trump has won the election on election day, Facebook will immediately remove that information.  WOW.  Thankfully I don't have a Facebook account.  My FACEBOOK is right here. I can say anthing I want and be as crazy as I want and there is NO goofy ZUCKERBERG around to censor me. 

So, I decided that I would create a postcard announcing that President Trump has been reelected on election day and send this to FACEBOOK a few weeks before  the election.  Facebook surely can't censor my postcard. I HOPE THEY APPRECIATE MY POSTCARD.  Also, on the front of the postcard, and to the right of President Trump's face, is Zuckerburg's own signature that he left at the CA Secretary of State when Facebook was filing incorporation paper work with the corporations section.

Speaking about Facebook, below is the CA Secretary of State filings since 2004:
Click on any date to open pdf file:

To view zuckerberg signature:  Date filing 02/14/2006 and 11/13/2007

To view how much money people who have Facebook accounts have provided
Zuckerberg and friends click on Publicly Traded Disclosure.

Here is some more food for thought about Facebook:

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Wednesday, October 07 2020

I have never heard of this Senator Chris Murphy until he received some attention on the internet. He was on some TV news show claiming that Russia is trying to get Trump re-elected,,,blah, blah, blah.  I am sure if you were to check his past, it would show that he regularly contacts the police to claim he spotted Bigfoot.   So he was the next person I sent a postcard to:

Oh, one additonal note about this postcard:  When I went to mail off my card, some guy at the post office, saw me leave my car to put my mail in the outside box,  and asked me why I wasn't wearing a mask???  He had just gotten out of his car while wearing a mask.  I told him to mind his own business and he cursed at me as he placed his mail into the box. What a clown he is.  If he is in that much fear, then he shouldn't leave his house.  Fucking sheep.  Wearing a mask...the odds of somebody under 80 years old dying from this illness is very small.  In fact, if you are healthy, the odds of you being attacked by a shark, with Hillary Clinton riding on its back, is greater than dying from this virus, flu or whatever it is.  

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Friday, October 02 2020

I sent two postcards on this day, October 2, 2020.  This one, to the FBI, was brewing inside my head for sometime.  I have heard so much nonsense about "defunding the police," that I decided to send a postcard to the DOJ to express myself about the corrupt FBI.  It has become a sad joke today.  Dishonest to the core.  99.99% of those in the police are super great Americans. Well below is what I sent:

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Friday, October 02 2020

There was a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE recently and it is really amazing how a guy with no apparent talents can be given the task to ask some questions during the debate and then do a very poor job in handling the debate.  So, because of it all, I decided to send a postcard to a TV station sharing my view on the matter:

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Friday, September 25 2020

Congressman Adam Schiff, D-CA, is so corrupt, I get sick to my stomach just thinking about this guy.  So to help remedy this sickness, I sent to him my next postcard.  

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Monday, September 21 2020

CNN is really an embarrassment to TV news.  A total joke that only wants to put out propaganda. And these people in the news media industry think that they are something special.  Based on what I see of them, most of them don't even have any talents.  Over the years this industry created a world-wide ILLUSION by labeling themselves JOURNALISTS, so that people who can't do anything else in life, because they have no talents, can walk around feeling pompous. Imagine having no talents and then having to make yourself feel special by telling others that you are a journalist?  Just another sham going on in this world.  I hope CNN enjoyed my postcard:


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Monday, September 21 2020

Barack Obama had an ETHICS CZAR in his administration, which is funny in itself.  His name-Norm Eisen.  He is just a clown and a man without any good ethics at all.  He was in involved in the impeachment of President Trump and the false information that was used in the impeachment.  This guy should be ashamed of himself. Just a goofball.  I hope he enjoys my postcard that I sent to him showing him a man who had good ethics.  I found an image of him standing in front of American flags...I removed the flags in the background and all was left was this phony with a cocky look on his face.  People like him should realize that had he done to Russian Putin like what they had done to President Trump, this guy would have been hanged from a lightpole in Moscow.  These people are so full of themselves.

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Saturday, September 05 2020

CNN is a joke and anybody thinking they can rely on this corrupt organization for anything resembling the truth is surely misled.  Below is a postcard I just sent to CNN.  I hope they appreciate my humor and the subtle truth attached to has more truth attached to it than anything they put out.

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Wednesday, September 02 2020

According to a recent WSJ article, the lockdowns weren't helpful in stopping the spread of covid-19:

read the story below:

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Thursday, August 20 2020

Below is a postcard I sent to Senator Lindsey Graham today.  It is the same postcard I sent to Nancy Pelosi but I have a paragraph at the end that is specifically targeting Graham. And I did make a few changes to the front that I thought enhanced the overall message I wanted to give. 

Folks, our system is broken.  The only way to repair it is to completely tear it down and rebuild it.  One of the most important ways to rebuild it is to remove all current elected officials and have a special election to replace each and every one of them.  I also believe that once a year each elected official is required to submit to a polygraph exam and their financial portfolio to be closely examined.    

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Thursday, June 18 2020

All white guys are racists. I know
this white guy speaks out against this fallacy:

I get sick to my stomach when I think about the people at 
Lucky Stores.

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Saturday, June 06 2020

And I don't believe cities and businesses will be burned down over what happened to me.

and this should be the message etched into city streets in America:

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Thursday, May 14 2020

The Judge is corrupt so I wanted to let him know in a subtle way that he is:

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Tuesday, May 12 2020

Yeah, with a check for $1200 in hand, I thought I would send out a new postcard..

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Monday, April 20 2020

Below is my most recent postcard sent to this crazy woman.  She is someting else. What's amazing is the fact that this crazy woman continues to be voted into a public position by the people.  Just unbelievable.  

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Sunday, March 22 2020

Another sham brought to you by the dishonest corrupt news media. They are so

determined to get President Trump, they are willing to bring down our entire system.

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Wednesday, February 05 2020

Below is a postcard I sent to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Adam pertains to President Trump's State of the Union Address he gave on February 4, 2020:

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Monday, October 14 2019

Below is a postcard I sent to the FBI.  I hope the FBI appreciates my comment.

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Tuesday, October 01 2019

What is the reason for their treason?  They hated Donald Trump and hated losing power...Below is my pretty postcardto Corrupt Congressman Adam Schiff...subliminal message embedded in this postcard: 

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Thursday, August 29 2019

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Friday, August 09 2019

Below is a postcard I just sent to Jerry this guy for real?

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Sunday, August 04 2019

Second verse, same as the first:

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Monday, July 29 2019

Omar needs to go to the giant Redwoods of Northern California so she can find out if she can "see the forest for the trees."
How could she if Omar doesn't have an ounce of common sense or a speck of rationality?

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Thursday, July 25 2019

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Thursday, July 25 2019

Here is a postcard I just sent to CA Senator Kalama Harris....

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Sunday, June 30 2019

Below is a postcard I sent to Senator Cory Booker to start the first day of July.  Seeing that a couple of democratic candidates wanted to speak in Spanish during the debate, I obliged them too with my Spanish:

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Thursday, June 27 2019

Can't use "Russian Collusion" because the dems used that one already.

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Wednesday, May 29 2019

Below I a postcard I sent to AG Bill Barr.  My dad would be just horrified with what is going on at the DOJ, FBI, Congress, etc.  America is dying.

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Monday, May 13 2019

Below is a comment I put on an article I found on Yahoo today May 13, 2019.  It just amazes me on just how corrupt the leadership at most "big" unions representing workers are.  

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Monday, April 29 2019

Below is a comment I sent to Senator Elizabeth Warren concerning her election rhetoric to forgive student loans....yeah right!

Below is a link pertaining to a November 2015 Senate Bill that Warren introduced that would provide an extra payment to social security beneficiaries who didn't receive a cola for 2016.  It was all just rhetoric and this bill went nowhere...Warren likes to give the impression that she is working for Americans, however, she really doesn't get much accomplished.  

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Sunday, April 21 2019

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Saturday, March 23 2019

This postcard to Barr I sent on March 21, 2019

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Monday, March 11 2019

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Thursday, February 28 2019


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Friday, June 15 2018

Our government is controlled by corrupt weasels.  Below is a postcard I sent to the bogus DOJ and I sent it earlier than the June 18 date:

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Friday, June 15 2018

Below is a postcard I sent to the FBI and once again using my The Sting message.  It is dated June 18 but mailed it already.

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Sunday, May 06 2018

This judge said it like it should be said.

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Friday, April 27 2018

Just a short note:  I send postcards so nobody can say they
found something in my envelope that is questionable. 

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Sunday, March 25 2018

This is a copy of my Lindsey Graham postcard sent to Congressman Trey Gowdy.  We are witnessing corruption in Ameria's government like never seen before. The front of each postcard sent to Graham, Flake and Gowdy were are the same as it was to make the same point.

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Sunday, March 25 2018

I sent a copy of the Graham postcard to Trey Gowdy...while sending the same message.

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Sunday, March 25 2018

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Monday, March 12 2018

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Wednesday, March 07 2018

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Saturday, December 02 2017

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Monday, October 02 2017

Even I am guilty of this...otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned this craziness.

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Wednesday, September 27 2017

Check out the City of Chicago below and wonder if

Kaepernick has any concerns about what is going on

here that is worth taking a knee for?

Click on the underlined link above to view the brutality going on in Chicago.  I also have to wonder
if any of the black people killed in Chicago ever had the money to purchase a ticket to watch their 
black millionaire brothers play a professional football game?

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Wednesday, September 20 2017

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Wednesday, August 02 2017

I wouldn't pay a cent for his belongs in a trash can.

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Monday, July 17 2017

Back in the mid 90s, I was already announcing, publicly, how corrupt the news media in America had become. And this was mostly related to the story of Charles Nordby.  Nobody paid attention, or even cared, about my assessment of the news media back then.  Fast forward to 2017 and most people in America realize just how dishonest and corrupt the news media in America is...and the 2016 presidential election exposed the news media of who they really are.

The truth no longer matters to those who have the responsibility to present the news. 

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Friday, June 09 2017

Click on the image below to watch youtube of James Comey testifying before the Senate/Congress:

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Friday, June 02 2017

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Friday, May 26 2017


A special day to remember an honest man.

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Thursday, May 18 2017

A post card I sent to Maxine Waters

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Friday, May 12 2017

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Saturday, April 29 2017

The reason union members don't vote for their leadership is because democracy is just a sham and nobody in
in Washington D. C. cares about union workers or their democratic rights. 

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Sunday, April 23 2017

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Friday, March 31 2017

Tomorrow is April 1.  A new quarter begins.  It has been 13 weeks since January 1.  I decided to send a comment to President Trump:

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Sunday, November 27 2016

Anything is possible when the Clinton's are involved.  They love power and hate losing it.

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Friday, November 18 2016

Below is an article about the United Mine Workers of America and my comment below it:

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Wednesday, November 09 2016

Below is a link to the YouTube video of Trumps victory speech after defeating Hillary Clinton.  What bothers me about Trump's speech is the fact that he was saying all these encouraging things about how Hillary has done such a great job in her years of being a public servant. 

He should have been saying what he said before the election that he plans on sending her to jail.  Hillary and her aides, along with Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Barack Obama, and many others should be held accountable for the fraud and crimes they committed against the American people. 

He felt so good about Hillary in his victory speech, he should make her the Secretary of State.  I guess it is just like big time wrestling where it looks like a legitimate fight in the ring but in reality everything is just a show.

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Monday, September 26 2016

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Friday, August 19 2016

When I was about 23-years-old I got a job working in a grocery store and became an apprentice clerk.  Shortly thereafter I discovered that one of the employees was stealing and helping his personal friends receive free goods without paying for the merchandise.  I told the manager what this employee was doing and how he was stealing and how his personal friends were also receiving free goods.  The manager told me that the  person I was accusing of stealing was the grand-son of one of the biggest stockholders of the company.  I told the manager that I didn't care who he was and just wanted to let him know what was going on so he could keep an eye on him.  The manger didn't do a thing.  I guess when you are the grand-son of one of the biggest stock-holders of the company then that by itself means that you would never steal.  This employee was stealing regularly.

Some time later I was approached by another store employee who told me that if I ever wanted discounts on my food purchases, I could go through any of the check-stands and get that discount.  I told this employee "sorry, but I can't do that."  That would be stealing too and I couldn't do that. This employee was also the son of a  district supervisor of this chain of stores.

After a while things started to happen that made my employment very stressful.  I discovered somebody had put feces in my coat pockets that was hanging in the break room.  My life was threatened.  The words "fuck you Frank" was written on the backroom wall in big black letters.  All because I wasn't willing to be dishonest like the rest of the employees and I became a threat to their dishonesty and them being exposed. 

Eventually things got so bad that I called the main office and told them what was going on in this store.  An appointment was made for me to speak to the district supervisors.  I had this meeting and when I starting identifying to the supervisors the employees who were stealing in the store, one of them said to me "that is my son  you are claiming is stealing,"  I told that supervisor that this employee was the one who told me that I could get discounts on all my food purchases when I purchased them.  These supervisors believed my story because this store wasn't making a profit and should have been with the amount of sales this store had…and they told me that.  I guess we all learned on that day that if you can’t trust your own family members then who can you trust?

Eventually the store manager was fired.  He was a good friend to one of the biggest executives in the company.  Other employees were forced to quit.  It was my opinion that most of the other employees in this store were completely aware of the dishonesty going on and they too should have been fired for closing their eyes to it all.  I eventually walked away from that job knowing that I didn't allow my good ethics and my honesty to be compromised by the majority of the people working in this store. I was proud to know that my effort in saying "no" to stealing eventually led to this store's ability to become very profitable.

The point of my story is that you can either say "no" to dishonesty or you sadly become "dishonest birds of a feather."  Hillary Clinton is dishonest and in my opinion she is the most dishonest person living in America today.  If you can't say "no" to Hillary then you have willfully joined the "dishonest birds of a feather."

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Monday, August 08 2016

Below is a comment I sent to Barack Obama.  This guy is really dishonest and corrupt.  If Hillary Clinton is elected president she will make Obama look like "Honest Abe."

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Thursday, July 28 2016

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Friday, July 22 2016

Below is a comment I sent to Elizabeth Warren concerning a remark she made about Donald Trump.  I don't support any candidate but I will vote for Trump to help prevent Hillary Felony Clinton from becoming president.

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Thursday, July 21 2016

I read where Virginia Senator Tim Kaine could end up being Hillary Clinton's VP choice. So I went to Kaine's government site, one with a .gov to it and not his own personal server like Hillary set up, and sent him a comment as seen below:

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Tuesday, July 05 2016

Today, July 5th, FBI Director James Comey issued Hillary Felony Clinton a pardon.  Obama was initially going to give Hillary a pardon, but because it would have an affect on his legacy, and the legacy of DOJ Loretta Lynch, Comey became the fall person to give Hillary a pardon.  The point being is that Comey had more than enough evidence to recommend an indictment and get a conviction. So to avoid an indictment, an arrest and a conviction that would require a future pardon from Obama, the corrupt powers that be ordered Comey to go ahead and issue a pardon to Hillary...because she was guilty as sin for the crimes she committed while she was the Secret-ary of State. 

And what a sad state of affairs America has become.  My dad caught nearly 9000 thieves in his life.  He was the best in his field and would never have closed his eyes and look the other way.  He was offered money from thieves he caught stealing who were wealthy, which he turned down and those were the ones he aggressively went after in court.  Charles Nordby couldn't be bought off.  This phony FBI director James Comey should resign and get the hell out of America...he can take the other frauds with him, i.e., Obama, Clinton and the rest of the dishonest frauds destroying our country.

This asshole Comey was probably preparing his today, July 5th "pardon" speech on July 3rd, the same day his agents were questioning Hillary on July 3rd.  In other words, what was the point of Hillary being questioned on July 3rd?

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Tuesday, July 05 2016

picture above source: CNN news

On July 2, a Saturday, Hillary was questioned by the FBI.  This questioning pertained to her using a private email server while she was the Secretary of State.  Shortly thereafter, the liberal news media (i.e. CNN)  reported that "sources" have indicated to them that there would be no criminal charges filed against Hillary.  Never does CNN identify the source but only wants to publicize a subliminal message to the masses that Hillary won't be charged. 

It has been brought up a long time ago that the "fix" is in for Hillary not to be criminally charged and so her friends in the media are doing whatever they can to assist Hillary by making statements like this.  Now the fix would really be in if the FBI announces in the near future that Hillary would be charged with low level misdemeanors for her used of a private email server which was housing top-secret emails/information.  And these low level misdemeanors would amount to a "slap" on the hand and Hillary would still be able to run for president and those in America who drool over Hillary will be so excited.

So all of this "she won't be charged," before the FBI is even finished with its investigation into Hillary's actions, is just being leaked by the news media, i.e. CNN,  as a way to appease all those in America who strongly believe Hillary shouldn't be allowed to run for president and should be in the fix is in with all of this and the World will at least be able to say that Hillary was charged with low level misdemeanors, with a psychological sigh of relief, that Hillary didn't completely get away with her crimes.

Getting back to CNN stating that a source has come forth with the notion that Hillary won't be charged, only hours after the FBI had finished questioning Hillary,  just shows how corrupt our news media has become when they are doing whatever they can to protect those candidates they support.  How would anybody know at this point if chargees won't be filed unless that "source" to CNN who made that declaration knows that the "fix" is in?

But I guess if that "source" had instead indicated that Hillary was found to have been lying throughout this FBI questioning, then that would be something most people would believe to be true.

It is just incredible how many people are doing whatever they can to assistt and enable a narcissist like Hillary....a criminal narcissist and the worst thing that can be done for any narcissist is to enable them.

Personally speaking, I believe Hillary will be charged with low level misdemeanors, as a way for our corrupt government to give the impression that action was taken against a very high level criminal...and this action will only amount to a low level slap on the hand.

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Friday, July 01 2016

Hard to believe what is going on in America today.

This guy, Bill Clinton is doing whatever he can to make sure that he and his wife aren't indicted over the public corruption that he and his wife have been involved in over the years.  Maybe the reason he visited the U.S. Attorney General, which is obviously a conflict of interest, and maybe even a charge of obstruction of justice being thrown at Bill, is because Bill wants her out of that position.  

Maybe he and Loretta Lynch knows that the FBI is about to recommend an indictment for Hillary Clinton, and Loretta knows that if she refuses to indict Hillary, with all of the evidence against Hillary,  it will leave a stain on her legacy and so she would rather not be in that position.  Who knows?  Just corruption at its best

Get some popcorn and something cool to drink, because the fire-works are about to go off and these fire-works will have nothing to do with the upcoming 4th of July.

The picture of Bill Clinton above really shows a man who should get out of public life because there appears to be a lot madness going on with the Clinton's and it seems to be real visible.

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Wednesday, June 08 2016

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Friday, June 03 2016

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Friday, May 27 2016

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Tuesday, May 10 2016

It is nice to have some political humor while the likes of Clinton, Obama, and the rest of them continue to make us all feel like we need to take a shower from being exposed to their corruption.

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Monday, May 09 2016

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Thursday, March 31 2016

In my opinion Donald Trump is doing exactly what he intended to do-help Hillary Felony Clinton become president.  I also believe his candidacy was to turn off the republican base so much that many will vote for Hillary. 

Clinton has the Trump (card) cleverly working in her behalf and she aslo has Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the DNC chairperson, working in her behalf by rigging the democratic party's nomination process to make sure she is the nominee for the democrats.

I just hope the FBI come through and recommend prosecution for her corrupt ways while she was the Secretary of State.  Just imagine how corrupt she will be as the commander and chief...she will bring a whole new meaning to the word "corruption."

History will some day show that Hillary Clinton single-handedly assassinated democracy in America for her thirst for power.  She aimed her high-powered rifle at the slow moving democratic process while it was winding its way around the city streets of America and pulled the trigger while her large political support base applauded her endlessly.

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Monday, February 08 2016

and the subsequent crimes she has committed since being SOS-such as deleting 30,000+ emails.

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Monday, January 04 2016

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Monday, December 28 2015

OK, it is almost December 31.  The top FBI guy stated months ago that his agency will have concluded its investigation into Hillary Felony Clinton's use of a private email server by the end of 2015.  A private email server that was probably serving up top secret and sensitive government information to foreign hackers....all so Hillary could control her private emails so she could delete them in the future...How many of those deleted emails centered around the Clinton Foundation and the donated money being directed there? 


My gut feeling is that his investigation has been nothing but a shameful sham and it will not make Clinton accountable for her disregard for national security while Secretary of State.  It is just unbelievable.   It took the FBI only days to acquire an incredible amount of secret information about the husband and wife who killed 14 innocent people in San Bernardino and yet the FBI has been dragging its feet with the email server Clinton used.  An email server the FBI have been in possession of for months.  How many of those 30,000 emails Clinton deleted have the FBI recovered?  Just for Clinton deleting those emails should be, in my opinion, enough to indict her for obstruction of justice...

But then again, below is also another theory about Clinton and the FBI. Today, Hillary Felony Clinton is being touted by a Gallop poll to be the most admired woman in America. Can you believe this kind of nonsense?   Maybe the FBI is soon to indict her and she is doing whatever she can right now to influence the public with positive information.  Who were the people polled when deciding the most admired woman in America?  Her relatives and close friends?

Charles Collings did the same thing in my dad's claim of him being only a cheat and fraud. He had his personal business friends, belonging the Sacramento's Chamber of Commerce, vote him to be the "Sacramentan of the year"...this honor to him came after my dad published his book about Raley's and filed a nearly $600 million fraud lawsuit against him and Raley's.  It's all sham to down play what's really going on.  

Same with Clinton, this "most admired woman" poll is just a sham to downplay the negative future FBI findings in her private email service coming out soon.

Narcissistic and deceitful people like Clinton and Collings do whatever they can to downplay anything that destroys them publicly.  The only honest poll would have shown that Clinton was the most deceitful woman in America today.

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Tuesday, December 08 2015

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Monday, October 19 2015

Recently Albertsons Supermarkets purchased the Safeway chain of supermarkets.  I live in the County of Maui and regularly shop at a Safeway store.  Since Albertsons became the owner of Safeway I have noticed something that Albertsons, in my opinion, is famous for....high prices.  Safeway's prices have done nothing but gone up.  I figured this would happen after Albertsons became Safeway's parent company.

The management at Albertsons seems to have a consistent policy that in order for them to have higher salaries that they must make its honest customers pay for them in the form of higher prices.  And upper management at Albertsons is so incompetent.  They aren't qualified to be baggers in front of the checkstands.

I started working for Albertson's 41 years ago two days before Halloween.  What a horror story that turned out to be.

Click on image above to view Albertson's 109 page-




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Wednesday, January 23 2013

I have good news about Raley's.  The owners of Raley's are the Lance Armstrong of Sacramento.  Jack Nordby posted this article below on the Sacramento Press website this morning....Click on the image link below and get a big taste of the deception going on here with Raley's and the news media.  Lance should have committed his fraud here in Sacramento where the news media is tight-lipped about this kind of dishonesty.  Well not exactly, Armstrong will  first have to start doing some big time advertising with the news media to line their pockets.

 UPDATE:  This article has been temporarily taken down by the Sacramento Press-scroll to the bottom to read an email sent to Jack Nordby:


Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 11:48:18 -0800
Subject: The Sacramento Press: Your article

Hi Jack,

Thanks so much for sharing your story with The Sacramento Press. We pride ourselves in providing a platform for members of the community to discuss issues neglected by mainstream media.

However, there are a few issues with your article, and it has been taken down for the time being. I would like to work with you to amend that and get your article back up.

We can't have potentially libelous statements on our site without proof of their validity. What I will do is go through your article and highlight the statements that need to be addressed. You'll have the chance to edit your piece, hopefully in a manner that still feels true to you but also abides by our Terms of Use. Then we can put it back up on the site.

I will work on this later today, but until then please feel free to email me with your thoughts or concerns. We appreciate your participation on the site, and I will be in touch.

I am really hoping that Allison (and the Sacramento Press) isn't afraid and intimidated by the "Armstrong's" of Northern California...
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Tuesday, January 15 2013

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Monday, December 31 2012

I am happy to indicate that on this day, December 31, 2012, my website reached two-million page views.  This total only goes back to 2010 when for whatever reason my website host lost all previous stats from/since 2003.  I was able to capture this important milestone when my page views reached 1999999 and then when it turned over to 2 million page hits. 

Or would it be called "pagehitstone"?  And remember Joyce Raley Teel:  You are being viewed!

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Monday, April 11 2011

The last 12 months of my life has certainly been filled with a lot of events and some of it would be considered good ole fashion "drama." Let me just list a few:

  • I ran my first organized half marathon in which I placed first in my age division and finished 16 overall...not bad for an old guy.
  • I got divorced from a woman whom I was married to for nearly 13 years.  I wonder who is going to make her breakfast every morning before she goes to work now that I am gone?   Not me!  I was married twice in my life and both marriages I walked away from.
  • I moved to Maui, Hi.  This is place where most people think they are living in paradise and become blind to the fact that the social problems plaguing these islands are no different than what is happening on the mainland. 
  • I met a great woman whom I really liked only to find out she didn't really like me but liked my kindness, my caring and my honesty.  It turned out that she was attracted to a sex offender whom didn't really like her....yes, this story is as crazy as it sounds. 
  • I created a page on my website for this same woman but took it down because I didn't want to embarrass her seeing that her name shows up at the top of Google search engine results and connected to my website.  I might put it back up because she is an experience of mine and to be honest, her page ended up being one of the best pages I created so I will have to see how I feel soon.
  • I am nearly finished with my petition that I have filed with the State of Hawaii to change my name.  Today I will mail off $115 to the Star-Advertiser newspaper for them to publicize in its newspaper of my name change that has been signed by the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii.  Wow, imagine that, I will no longer be Frank Samuel Nordby and will become Frank M Samuels.  "M" stands for my daughter Michelle whom I haven't seen since she was 10 years old....
  • I met a great female friend by the name of "Julie" whom I met on an anorexia nervosa website.  She lives in Massachusetts and she can really relate to my anorexia illness and has been a big support for me as I have been a big support for her...
  • I will have a new Capital One credit card sent to me that will have the image of my only child on it as seen below:
  • I haven't seen her since she was 10-years-old...

Above is my daughter Michelle as she stood on the S.F. Golden Gate bridge-below is my daughter as an adult named Michelle Payne dishonestly providing her dishonest mother a book review:

The first two reviews for this book are from the children of one of the authors of this book-Judy Saint-my former wife. Below are the book reviews and nobody would have known by reading these two reviews that they were related to the author...

The information is presented extremely clearly and in a manner that is neither over my head nor insulting. I certainly followed every section, and in fact found each page more interesting than the last. I found myself wishing I had more time to read the whole book just because it's neat stuff. Excellent job!" -- Jack Pryor, R & D engineer, Medtronic

"I especially like that your IC Layout Basics book feels like someone is simply talking to you; one person explaining to another. Great format and easy flow, even for the complex topics. I like the humor and extra comments, and of course all the illustrations. This is how books should be written." -- Michelle Payne, student, College of William & Mary

In fact, both reviews for Judy Saint's book are from Judy Saint's own children....does my ex-wife get any lower than this? 

  • I had a relapse of my anorexia nervosa and I am down to 117 lbs.  But, I think because of  the fact I want to become the fastest long distance runner (for my age) here on Maui, I am going to do whatever I have to, to get my weight back up to a level I can run healthy again.  Right now, because of my low weight I am unable to run like I used to. 
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