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Monday, December 12 2016

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 03:10 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Sunday, November 27 2016

Anything is possible when the Clinton's are involved.  They love power and hate losing it.

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Friday, November 18 2016

Below is an article about the United Mine Workers of America and my comment below it:

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Friday, November 11 2016

Below is an image that Politco posted on their web site November 3rd, five days before the election.  A number of the people featured in this photo belong in prison with Hillary.  

And below is a picture Politico featured showing the West Wing if Donald Trump wins the presidency:

However, the photo below features the cast of the show "Dark Shadows," and I must say I would have felt better if these people occupied the West Wing than the two groups of people Politico featured.

We live in a dark world.

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Wednesday, November 09 2016

Below is a link to the YouTube video of Trumps victory speech after defeating Hillary Clinton.  What bothers me about Trump's speech is the fact that he was saying all these encouraging things about how Hillary has done such a great job in her years of being a public servant. 

He should have been saying what he said before the election that he plans on sending her to jail.  Hillary and her aides, along with Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Barack Obama, and many others should be held accountable for the fraud and crimes they committed against the American people. 

He felt so good about Hillary in his victory speech, he should make her the Secretary of State.  I guess it is just like big time wrestling where it looks like a legitimate fight in the ring but in reality everything is just a show.

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 01:30 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, November 02 2016

He is just one arrogant, inept and dishonest guy. 
What a joke he has been and he belongs in jail.

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 04:30 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, October 31 2016

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 05:41 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, October 28 2016

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 12:24 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, October 19 2016

Hillary Clinton was involved in the Watergate trial and years later she created

after Barack created

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Monday, October 17 2016

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 10:10 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, October 10 2016

 -if Hillary loses the presidential election

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 04:41 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Sunday, October 09 2016

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Wednesday, October 05 2016

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Tuesday, October 04 2016

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Monday, September 26 2016

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Sunday, September 25 2016

In Hawaii the supermarket chains price gouge their customer under the guise of higher shipping costs.  About five years ago I contacted three divisions of Safeway, one in California, one in Illinois and one in Alaska.  All of these stores were selling bananas for .79 per lb.  Here on Maui, the price at the biggest chains were selling bananas for $1.29 per lb. and higher.  So supermarkets on Maui blames the high price on bananas for shipping costs.  How much does it cost to ship bananas up to Alaska?  Or Chicago?  They don't grow bananas in these two places and yet they do grow bananas on Maui where the price is 50 cents higher per lb...pure and simple it is price gouging.

The point being is that supermarkets in America have been price gouging its customers for a long time and probably doing this so that the CEO can get bigger annual bonuses which are tied to company performance and results.  High prices resulting from high gross margins on store goods, demanded by the top executives, usually mean lower sales when a low priced supermarket enters your market area.  Then all of these high priced stores are forced to lower its prices to stay competive. 


Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 05:48 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, September 24 2016

It appears to me that Obama, Loretta Lynch and James Comey had only one objective in the year long investigation of Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server, that was serving up top-secret information to foreign hackers. 

It was decided from the get go that nobody was going to be held accountable for the crimes committed by those who assisted Hillary Clinton while she was SOS. They gave them passes just like they gave Hillary a get out of jail free card...

Obama, the DOJ and the FBI's only objective was to make sure nobody was held accountable...what a corrupt system and the people of America should do everything possible to rid the infestation of the cockroaches that is plaguing our government.

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Tuesday, September 13 2016

How hilarious for anybody to state that Felony Clinton is the most qualified person, ever, to be the president.

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 07:11 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, August 24 2016

Click on the image above and watch Yahoo news Stephani try to run with Hillary to the White House.

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 03:25 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, August 19 2016

When I was about 23-years-old I got a job working in a grocery store and became an apprentice clerk.  Shortly thereafter I discovered that one of the employees was stealing and helping his personal friends receive free goods without paying for the merchandise.  I told the manager what this employee was doing and how he was stealing and how his personal friends were also receiving free goods.  The manager told me that the  person I was accusing of stealing was the grand-son of one of the biggest stockholders of the company.  I told the manager that I didn't care who he was and just wanted to let him know what was going on so he could keep an eye on him.  The manger didn't do a thing.  I guess when you are the grand-son of one of the biggest stock-holders of the company then that by itself means that you would never steal.  This employee was stealing regularly.

Some time later I was approached by another store employee who told me that if I ever wanted discounts on my food purchases, I could go through any of the check-stands and get that discount.  I told this employee "sorry, but I can't do that."  That would be stealing too and I couldn't do that. This employee was also the son of a  district supervisor of this chain of stores.

After a while things started to happen that made my employment very stressful.  I discovered somebody had put feces in my coat pockets that was hanging in the break room.  My life was threatened.  The words "fuck you Frank" was written on the backroom wall in big black letters.  All because I wasn't willing to be dishonest like the rest of the employees and I became a threat to their dishonesty and them being exposed. 

Eventually things got so bad that I called the main office and told them what was going on in this store.  An appointment was made for me to speak to the district supervisors.  I had this meeting and when I starting identifying to the supervisors the employees who were stealing in the store, one of them said to me "that is my son  you are claiming is stealing,"  I told that supervisor that this employee was the one who told me that I could get discounts on all my food purchases when I purchased them.  These supervisors believed my story because this store wasn't making a profit and should have been with the amount of sales this store had…and they told me that.  I guess we all learned on that day that if you can’t trust your own family members then who can you trust?

Eventually the store manager was fired.  He was a good friend to one of the biggest executives in the company.  Other employees were forced to quit.  It was my opinion that most of the other employees in this store were completely aware of the dishonesty going on and they too should have been fired for closing their eyes to it all.  I eventually walked away from that job knowing that I didn't allow my good ethics and my honesty to be compromised by the majority of the people working in this store. I was proud to know that my effort in saying "no" to stealing eventually led to this store's ability to become very profitable.

The point of my story is that you can either say "no" to dishonesty or you sadly become "dishonest birds of a feather."  Hillary Clinton is dishonest and in my opinion she is the most dishonest person living in America today.  If you can't say "no" to Hillary then you have willfully joined the "dishonest birds of a feather."

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Monday, August 08 2016

Below is a comment I sent to Barack Obama.  This guy is really dishonest and corrupt.  If Hillary Clinton is elected president she will make Obama look like "Honest Abe."

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Thursday, July 28 2016

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Friday, July 22 2016

Below is a comment I sent to Elizabeth Warren concerning a remark she made about Donald Trump.  I don't support any candidate but I will vote for Trump to help prevent Hillary Felony Clinton from becoming president.

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Thursday, July 21 2016

I read where Virginia Senator Tim Kaine could end up being Hillary Clinton's VP choice. So I went to Kaine's government site, one with a .gov to it and not his own personal server like Hillary set up, and sent him a comment as seen below:

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Tuesday, July 19 2016

It's funny how the news media will expose those whom they want to expose for plagiarism.  The news media was well aware of Pastor Ray Johnston's plagiarism but completely ignored it because the news media wasn't about to give me any credibility.

This was probably the quickest plagiarism ever exposed in the history of human-kind.

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Wednesday, July 13 2016

DOJ Attroney General Loretta Lynch testifies at Congress and my comment to the DOJ.

Posted by: Frank S Nordby AT 10:21 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, July 05 2016

Today, July 5th, FBI Director James Comey issued Hillary Felony Clinton a pardon.  Obama was initially going to give Hillary a pardon, but because it would have an affect on his legacy, and the legacy of DOJ Loretta Lynch, Comey became the fall person to give Hillary a pardon.  The point being is that Comey had more than enough evidence to recommend an indictment and get a conviction. So to avoid an indictment, an arrest and a conviction that would require a future pardon from Obama, the corrupt powers that be ordered Comey to go ahead and issue a pardon to Hillary...because she was guilty as sin for the crimes she committed while she was the Secret-ary of State. 

And what a sad state of affairs America has become.  My dad caught nearly 9000 thieves in his life.  He was the best in his field and would never have closed his eyes and look the other way.  He was offered money from thieves he caught stealing who were wealthy, which he turned down and those were the ones he aggressively went after in court.  Charles Nordby couldn't be bought off.  This phony FBI director James Comey should resign and get the hell out of America...he can take the other frauds with him, i.e., Obama, Clinton and the rest of the dishonest frauds destroying our country.

This asshole Comey was probably preparing his today, July 5th "pardon" speech on July 3rd, the same day his agents were questioning Hillary on July 3rd.  In other words, what was the point of Hillary being questioned on July 3rd?

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Tuesday, July 05 2016

picture above source: CNN news

On July 2, a Saturday, Hillary was questioned by the FBI.  This questioning pertained to her using a private email server while she was the Secretary of State.  Shortly thereafter, the liberal news media (i.e. CNN)  reported that "sources" have indicated to them that there would be no criminal charges filed against Hillary.  Never does CNN identify the source but only wants to publicize a subliminal message to the masses that Hillary won't be charged. 

It has been brought up a long time ago that the "fix" is in for Hillary not to be criminally charged and so her friends in the media are doing whatever they can to assist Hillary by making statements like this.  Now the fix would really be in if the FBI announces in the near future that Hillary would be charged with low level misdemeanors for her used of a private email server which was housing top-secret emails/information.  And these low level misdemeanors would amount to a "slap" on the hand and Hillary would still be able to run for president and those in America who drool over Hillary will be so excited.

So all of this "she won't be charged," before the FBI is even finished with its investigation into Hillary's actions, is just being leaked by the news media, i.e. CNN,  as a way to appease all those in America who strongly believe Hillary shouldn't be allowed to run for president and should be in the fix is in with all of this and the World will at least be able to say that Hillary was charged with low level misdemeanors, with a psychological sigh of relief, that Hillary didn't completely get away with her crimes.

Getting back to CNN stating that a source has come forth with the notion that Hillary won't be charged, only hours after the FBI had finished questioning Hillary,  just shows how corrupt our news media has become when they are doing whatever they can to protect those candidates they support.  How would anybody know at this point if chargees won't be filed unless that "source" to CNN who made that declaration knows that the "fix" is in?

But I guess if that "source" had instead indicated that Hillary was found to have been lying throughout this FBI questioning, then that would be something most people would believe to be true.

It is just incredible how many people are doing whatever they can to assistt and enable a narcissist like Hillary....a criminal narcissist and the worst thing that can be done for any narcissist is to enable them.

Personally speaking, I believe Hillary will be charged with low level misdemeanors, as a way for our corrupt government to give the impression that action was taken against a very high level criminal...and this action will only amount to a low level slap on the hand.

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Friday, July 01 2016

Hard to believe what is going on in America today.

This guy, Bill Clinton is doing whatever he can to make sure that he and his wife aren't indicted over the public corruption that he and his wife have been involved in over the years.  Maybe the reason he visited the U.S. Attorney General, which is obviously a conflict of interest, and maybe even a charge of obstruction of justice being thrown at Bill, is because Bill wants her out of that position.  

Maybe he and Loretta Lynch knows that the FBI is about to recommend an indictment for Hillary Clinton, and Loretta knows that if she refuses to indict Hillary, with all of the evidence against Hillary,  it will leave a stain on her legacy and so she would rather not be in that position.  Who knows?  Just corruption at its best

Get some popcorn and something cool to drink, because the fire-works are about to go off and these fire-works will have nothing to do with the upcoming 4th of July.

The picture of Bill Clinton above really shows a man who should get out of public life because there appears to be a lot madness going on with the Clinton's and it seems to be real visible.

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Friday, June 17 2016

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Wednesday, June 08 2016

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Friday, June 03 2016

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Friday, May 27 2016

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Tuesday, May 10 2016

It is nice to have some political humor while the likes of Clinton, Obama, and the rest of them continue to make us all feel like we need to take a shower from being exposed to their corruption.

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Monday, May 09 2016

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Wednesday, April 27 2016


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Saturday, April 23 2016

This article/video below states it will take Donald Trump a half billion dollars to beat Hillary to become president.

Of course the TV conglomerates want to see a half billion dollars spent by Trump, and another possible half a billion dollars being spent by Clinton, because they will get a big chunk of it....get rid of the presidency! The presidency is no longer American but Corporate.

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Friday, April 15 2016

Hard to believe that a proven liar like Hillary is still running for president.  Check out this YouTube video called Hillary Clinton lying for 13-minutes straight...

Sorry Hillary, it wasn't because you misspoke or were sleep deprived that caused you to lie about sniper fire in Bosnia, it was because you are a pathological lying, inept, power-loving, money-loving narcissist.

Below is another great YouTube video about Hillary:

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Sunday, April 10 2016

The President should not be allowed to try and influence an ongoing investigation being conducted by the FBI.  What an obvious conflict of interest.  The FBI is investigating Hillary Felony Clinton's use of a private email server while she was Secret-ary of State.  The previous sentence is laughable alone without having the President publicly state, for the second time, that she didn't jeopardize security. This is just totally wrong and Obama should be held accountable for trying to obstruct justice.  He isn't doing the investigation but acts as if he has seen all of the evidence and has made a decision.  What a fucking clown he is....the worst president ever.

Below is where Obama is obstructing justice back in October, 2015:

Below shows President Obama obstucting justice again in April of 2016:

Is he under a lot of pressure to keep Hillary from being indicted?  Looks like he is.  He may be the only person who doesn't think Hillary jeopardized national security.  I can't wait for this asshole to leave office....he has accomplished two things since becoming president:  he has made a mockery of race relations in America since he became president. and ruined our health care in America.

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Monday, April 04 2016

Below is a youtube video featuring Hillary Clinton.  She is saying that no bank is too big to fail and no person is too big to go to jail:

Below is another Youtube video of Hillary Clinton where she is basically saying that she will not drop out of the presidential race if she is indicted...or, she says she is too big to be indicted and too big to go to jail for her criminal acts while Secretary of State.

If she doesn't get indicted then she is too big to indict and too big to go to jail.

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Saturday, April 02 2016

Twenty-Five-Years-ago today, Charles Collings/Raley's threatened to sue me if I continued to spread falshhoods and boldly told me I would need an attorney if I did. 

What a fucking bunch of teethless barking dogs.  On July 29, this website will have been boldly up and running for 13-years.  I keep it up so that if somebody were to punch their fraudulent names into google or other search engines, their name and my website come up at the top of the results.

Being a chess player, I guess it would be appropriate to call this game "mate"

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Thursday, March 31 2016

In my opinion Donald Trump is doing exactly what he intended to do-help Hillary Felony Clinton become president.  I also believe his candidacy was to turn off the republican base so much that many will vote for Hillary. 

Clinton has the Trump (card) cleverly working in her behalf and she aslo has Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the DNC chairperson, working in her behalf by rigging the democratic party's nomination process to make sure she is the nominee for the democrats.

I just hope the FBI come through and recommend prosecution for her corrupt ways while she was the Secretary of State.  Just imagine how corrupt she will be as the commander and chief...she will bring a whole new meaning to the word "corruption."

History will some day show that Hillary Clinton single-handedly assassinated democracy in America for her thirst for power.  She aimed her high-powered rifle at the slow moving democratic process while it was winding its way around the city streets of America and pulled the trigger while her large political support base applauded her endlessly.

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Wednesday, March 16 2016

Our political process in America is a terrible sham an shame.  I am very thankful for the amount of intelligence I have that allows me to say I will never donate one penny to anybody running for an elected position.  I will donate to somebody homeless will never donate to some clown dressed in fancy expensive clothes.  Who profits from a presidential election? Mainstream media, ie., TV, newspapers, printers, radio stations, news media pundits, polling organizations...just a fricken joke.

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Friday, March 04 2016

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Wednesday, March 02 2016

It has become a joke to the rest of the world.  Barack Obama, Geoge Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. have all done a terrible job.  The millions of dollars in taxpayer money it takes to provide security and treat these folks like royalty is just absurd. The President then provide jobs for their family and friends who aren’t qualified for their positions.  The President never gets along with Congress and hardly anything is ever accomplished by the President.  They hide in secrecy, think they are above the law and to top it off, they have control over very important government agencies, such as the Dept. of Justice, to where they can stop criminal investigations when their friends are involved.  Just look at the story behind Hillary Felony Clinton.  And last but not least:  The only ones to benefit, from a presidential election, are news media, TV news stations and others who make millions of dollars from campaign spending.  You have to acquire hundreds of millions of dollars to run a is that for democracy when 99.9999% of the people of that democracy can't run for president?  

The democratic party in 2016 has Hillary Clinton, a felon being investigated by the FBI, as their choice for their party's candidate. 

America no longer needs three branches of Government.  We don't need a Judicial/Supreme Court as this branch of government is just as corrupt as the Executive no longer works to protect our constitution and interpret our laws correctly and honestly. America only needs one corrupt branch of government and that is our Legistlative/Congress.  All government corruption should be contained to this one branch of government.

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Saturday, February 27 2016

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Monday, February 08 2016

and the subsequent crimes she has committed since being SOS-such as deleting 30,000+ emails.

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Monday, February 08 2016

OK-it is finished.  The Super Bowl game is over and Denver has won the game.  Wow, who would have ever thought that a football game would become the biggest event in America? Dozens of grown men painfully throwing their bodies at othe men, flying through the air, all in an attempt to please the masses.  

The odds to win were in favor of the Carolina Panthers. But once again we are taught that a good defense win football games.  In this particular game there were two teams with great defenses.  But the best defense was on the sideline representing the Broncos.    

The good news so far is that Hillary Clinton has come out and stated that the Denver Broncos was her favorite team when she was six-years-old.  

She has shown the public time and time again that she has neither a good offense or a good defense in the game that she plays in life.  However, what she has shown us time and time again is that great adage below:

Oh! what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! 
Sir Walter Scott

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Monday, January 25 2016

Did you ever want to attain celebrity status or notoriety in this world?  One way that many do accomplish this is through committing a murder or multiple murders. Below are the names of people who did:

John Wilkes Booth enjoyed notoriety and infamy from the killing Abraham Lincoln.  
Lee Harvey Oswald enjoyed notoriety and infamy from the killing of JFK  (was he the killer?)
Mark Chapman enjoyed notoriety and infamy from the killing of John Lennon
John Hinkley enjoyed notoriety and infamy from trying to kill Ronald Regan
Charles Manson enjoyed notoriety and infamy from his serial killings
Ted Bundy enjoyed notoriety infamy from killing scores of women
Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold enjoyed notoriety and infamy from killing lots of students at a school

Just to name a few.

Today I came upon this news article about the unabomber as seen below:

20 years later and the news media stills wants creeps like this to be remember. I passed out a flyer about Charles Nordby, and his incredible success story to all of the news media outlets camped out in front of the federal courthouse where this creep was being prosecuted back then, and not one person represented by these news media outlets wanted to hear the crime that was committed against him.  Below is the flyer:


Maybe had I burst into Raley's main office, instead of passing out flyers back then, and blown off the heads of Chuck Collings, James Teel, Joyce Raley Teel and the other frauds who committed a crime against Charles Nordby, the world today would know his story. What a sad state of affairs the world has become. 

So for those of you who sit in a prison somewhere for committing a horrendous crime and became famous and notorious from that crime, take a pen & paper, write a three page rambling note and send it to a local newspaper and proudly glee from it when the newspaper publishes what you have the public can be reminded of who you are.

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Friday, January 15 2016

The UFCW International recently endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.  An endorsement they gave to her because they believe she wants all Americans to have somebody fighting for them through the her notion of "income inequality." 

The president of this union, Anthony Marc Perrone, made over $300,000 a year in total compensation for the year 2014. The presidents of all of the local unions that make up the international received $20,000 a year from this union in addition to the $200,000+ total compensation salaries they received from their own unons.

Now if Hillary Clinton wants to be a strong advocate for the workers of America in her fight against income inequality, then this union is a good place to start because the average annual salary for the members is around $20,000 a year...the same amount of money the UFCW International Union flings at the local union presidents as chump change to their already outrageously large salaries.  

Below is an image link that will open up to show the most recent LM-2 filing this union made to the U.S. Department of Labor.  You will be able to see how much money the president of this union and hundreds of others on the payroll were paid in total compensation for the year 2014-the most recent filing.  LM-2=labor management, labor organization annual report

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Tuesday, January 12 2016

Below is a post card I created and will send to Hillary's campaign...

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Monday, January 04 2016

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